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How to Make a Home Office (for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Employees)

Not everything is WhatsApp and email and you have to learn new platforms that work well for our businesses.

Starting in 2021, by law employers must provide ergonomic equipment to home office workers

Due to confinement, few people have adequate furniture to carry out their work, an important element is the chair.

Challenge 2021: How Do I Improve the Physical and Mental Well-Being of My Employees?

85% of Mexican organizations lack adequate conditions for their employees to have a balance between their personal and work life.

The new super power of companies and their brands: the sensory

Business and home rituals, encounters, creating environments of warmth and support, are becoming more and more essential.

3 Trends That Will Define Remote Work in 2021

In the absence of a specific date for the return to the offices, everything indicates that remote work will continue to change, but what will 2021 bring us in terms of this modality? Will we still like to work in our pajamas or from the garden?

Home Office Law: How Does It Affect Entrepreneurs?

The changing legal landscape of employment when we're all working from home.


Home-Office Reform in Mexico: Everything You Need to Know

All the regulations that went into effect this week.

Alto Nivel

Dell Shows News in Certified Monitors for Microsoft Teams

The American multinational company announced the launch of three new certified monitors focused on its teleworking software.

8 Tips to Squeeze More Savings from Your Home Office

If you have self-employment income, you can reduce both your business and personal expenses when you claim the home-office tax deduction.

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Deputies Approve 'Home Office' Initiative That Includes Payment of Electricity and Internet By Companies

Employers must respect labor rights, personal data, right to privacy and disconnection of their workers who apply telework.