Creating an Out-of-This-World Experience

The Cell Theatre's Kira Simring and Jonah Levey explain how they operate a successful, creative space and showroom in New York City while staying safe during the pandemic.

Beyond a flag. Learn about the benefits of LGBTQ + labor inclusion practices

Six out of 10 people feel that they must hide their sexual orientation and / or gender identity in their work spaces to avoid being discriminated against, according to the National Diagnosis on Discrimination against LGBTI people in Mexico.

What is the pink economy or pink money? Meet this powerful market that is in full growth

Also known as pink money or pink market, the pink economy is a market force that is increasingly gaining prominence in the business and financial world.

Mairem Del Río

Effective DEI Strategies That Result in Lasting Change

Nicole Walters, CEO and founder of Inherit Learning Company, chats with Mandy Price, CEO and co-founder of Kanarys, about effective diversity, equity and inclusion strategies for businesses.

Nicole Walters

Inclusivity Begins During the Hiring Process. Here's How to Do It.

If you want your company culture to be truly inclusive, you have to build the perspective of mattering into your systems and processes.

Jolene Risch

Here's How to Foster Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in a Remote-Work World

Remote work can promote diversity, equity and inclusion, but it also comes with potential challenges.

Nika White

6 Signs Your Diversity and Inclusion Program Needs an Overhaul

Review this checklist of danger signs that your diversity and inclusion efforts need improvement before it's too late

Janine Yancey

Long live diversity! Lego unveils new inclusive set on the eve of LGBTQIA + pride month

Lego's new LGBTQIA + set is inspired by Diversity Month and the personal story of Matthew Ashton, Vice President of Design for the Danish company.

20 Brands That Are Actually Making Progress on their Commitments to Serving the Black Community

Let's take a moment to acknowledge and learn from brands that are taking the steps to authentically serve the Black community. Here are 20 brands I'm watching.

Mita Mallick

What Can Emojis Tell Us About Diversity and Inclusion?

According to a new survey from Adobe, quite a lot.

Kenny Herzog

We Set The Temperature, We Don't Adjust To It

Anticipating diverse customer needs takes thought, intention and mindfulness and it's not something that comes without work.