How CEO Favoritism Contributes to Workplace Toxicity — and How to Create a Fair and Inclusive Work Environment

CEO favoritism undermines company culture, but these effective strategies for fostering fairness and engagement can help avoid favoritism pitfalls.


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The Empowerment Of Working Mothers Begins With Employers

Understanding the unique needs of mothers within their teams, and working with them to ensure a smooth transition back to the workplace, is paramount– not just for their employees, but also for their bottom line.


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There's one business hack that's winning, though it's often overlooked: Diversity, equity and inclusion is good for business — and just plain good.


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A recent disturbing trend has emerged that threatens our collective progress: the dissolution of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives.


Fundación A LA PAR e IMPACT Accelerator apoyarán soluciones para la población con discapacidad intelectual

Una de cada cinco de cada 1,000 personas padece algún tipo de discapacidad intelectual a nivel global. Su día a día podría mejorarse a través de la tecnología.


El poder de la diversidad e inclusión en los equipos de alto rendimiento

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Want your company to be sustainable, adaptable, and geared towards success? Look towards creating a gender-diverse environment in your workplace. Here are some tips to help you along.

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Pfizer And Arab International Women's Forum Release A Report Focusing On The Need For Diversity In The MENA's Healthcare Systems

The report highlights the importance of addressing acute health and mental health challenges for women in conflict-ridden countries.

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DEI expert Nika White reveals the pros and cons of mandatory DEI training in the workplace.


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How businesses can start preparing for a future that will be determined more by inclusive policies and practices than traditional business metrics.