Why Business Lawyers Are a Necessary Expense

Business attorneys may be expensive, but a good one is worth every dollar paid.

Arash Homampour

These are the legal issues to keep in mind when undertaking

Here are some critical points that the entrepreneur is recommended to keep in mind when starting their business.

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"Sit down ... be humble." Even the most successful business leaders needed help along the way.

Arash Homampour

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What Is a Conservatorship, and Why Do We Need It?

As the #FreeBritney movement continues to gain momentum, we welcome you to Conservatorship 101: What it is, whether it's of value and how estate planning is the ultimate form of self-empowerment.

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Free Webinar | June 9: How To Assess if Your Business Has a Strong Foundation

Find out which legal elements you need to check off of your business to-do list during this webinar with Corporate Attorney Len Garza, J.D. Register now!

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5 Reasons to Fire a Customer -- Plus 5 Steps to Take Before You Do

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5 Things You Should Know About the Serendipity Clause

A pandemic like the one we are experiencing today "is reason enough for the supplier of a material that is in China and that has to bring it to Mexico and sell it here, does not meet the delivery deadlines due to this unforeseeable event." Find out what you can do.