Employee Must Pay Back Her Company After Computer 'Bossware' Catches Her Slacking Off

A Canadian court finds a woman guilty of 'time theft.' Critics call the company's actions spying.

Jonathan Small

The Rise of AI: Why Legal Professionals Must Adapt or Risk Being Left Behind

Artificial Intelligence has already taken over many jobs that were previously handled manually. This technology's continuous development challenges more professions and will even disrupt high-skill areas such as the legal industry.

Roland Polzin

Elon Musk Says 'Local Negativity' in California Will Prevent a Fair Jury Trial. He Wants to Move His Court Date to This State Instead.

Attorneys for the billionaire CEO claim he received extreme backlash following his chaotic Twitter deal.

Amanda Breen

Flo Rida Says This Massively Popular Energy Drink Cut Him Out of a Fortune. Here's What Happened.

The American rapper claims he's owed tens of thousands of dollars — and even more in stock options.

Amanda Breen

Exempt vs. Non-Exempt: What Does It Mean and Why Does It Matter?

Not sure whether your employees count as exempt vs. non-exempt? Discover the difference between these employee types in this detailed guide.

Your Business Might Be Violating Federal Regulations Unknowingly — Which Can Cost You Serious Money. Here's How to Avoid It.

Regulations are meant to protect consumers from harmful business practices and set guidelines for what is right and wrong — but they can also pose a threat to businesses thanks to rising costs and changing complexity.

Randy Sadler

How This California Scammer Used the Competitive Real Estate Market to Steal Millions

Adolfo Schoneke, his sister Bianca Gonzalez and other co-conspirators orchestrated a scheme that spanned years.

Amanda Breen

3 Common Legal Mistakes to Avoid When Working on Your Online Business

The founder of Berkley Sweetapple Law shares her legal advice for entrepreneurs.

Jessica Abo

The Legal Viewpoint: How To Structure Your Startup For Success

Selecting the right structure is vitally important, not only in terms of legal and operational risk, tax obligations, asset protection, legal costs, and your clientele, but also in terms of accommodating future growth.

Suraya Turk

Warner Bros. Inflated HBO Max Subscriber Numbers Ahead of Discovery Merger, Lawsuit Alleges

Hundreds of thousands of people could be eligible to join the class-action suit.

Amanda Breen

Florida Chef's TikTok-Viral 'Pink Sauce' Raises Health Concerns, But She Won't Stop Selling It

Chef Pii won't share all of the secrets behind her sauce, but claims "no one has ever gotten sick" from it.

Amanda Breen