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Vidur Gupta: A Modern Gin-ie

Vidur Gupta is a 31-year-old co-founder of Third Eye Distillery who graduated from the University of St. Andrews with an M.A. in Economics and Management and started his career at a premium health food company, Eat Natural in London before returning to India in 2016.


Bengaluru's IDC Kitchen Raises Funds From Peter Thiel-backed Velocity

Bengaluru's IDC Kitchen (Idli, Dosa, Coffee), a chain of vegetarian South Indian self-service restaurants has successfully secured INR 1.5 Crore debt from Peter Thiel's Valar Ventures-backed financing platform, Velocity.


Celebrating Sisterhood: Is Valentine's Day A Women's Holiday?

89% women agree that all-girls getaways are a fantastic way to toast to their friendships.


Treat Yourself: Save Hundreds of Dollars on This AI-Powered Flight Deal Alert Service

A lifetime of OneAir Elite is just $80 for Presidents' Day.


Meet Adarsh Gourav, Bollywood's White Tiger

Adarsh Gourav made his debut aged 14 with Karan Johar's 2010 film 'My Name is Khan', where he played a young Shah Rukh Khan.


4 Tips and Tricks To Combat Screen Damage

Whether we are working on computers, scrolling through social media on smartphones, or indulging in our favourite shows on tablets, the time spent in front of screens has increased manifold.


Add the Refreshingly Bold Fabuloso Cologne to Your Collection for Just $48

Bring a classic, familiar scent of lavender with you anywhere.


Casey Adams Breaks Down the 75 Hard Challenge and How It Can Unleash Discipline and Gratitude in Your Life

Entrepreneur and podcast host Casey Adams shares his remarkable journey, highlighting the transformative power of discipline, gratitude, and seizing opportunities.


This Retirement Trend Is Helping People Ease 'Financial Anxieties' and Avoid 'Loss of Purpose,' Workplace Expert Says

Taking a nontraditional approach to retirement comes with several advantages.


The Democratic Art Connoisseur: Asif Kamal

In 2023, Artfi onboarded Sacha Jafri, one of the highest paid living artists in the world. It also consigned artworks from Artists like M F Husain, V S Gaitonde, Ram Kumar, and Krishen Khanna from Modern and Contemporary Fine Art and had partnered with Bollywood actor Salman Khan to bring his paintings to life for retail investors


How Comedian Kenny Sebastian Started To Make Us Laugh

His comedy prowess is seen in his Amazon Prime Video special, Don't be That Guy, along with the sci-fi comedy web series Starboyz on YouTube, and comedy Central's The Living Room.


The Executive Selection: Giorgio Armani Made To Measure

The Giorgio Armani Made to Measure service has introduced a new and updated complete digital configuration system –the first of its kind in the world of luxury fashion– for garment customization.


3 Hacks That Can Help You Get High-Quality Matches on Dating Apps, According to the Lead Engineer Behind a Very Exclusive One

Amanda Bradford, founder, CEO and lead engineer of selective dating app The League, knows what goes on behind the scenes — and how to land the dates you want.


Reign of the 'King': Arpan Kumar Chandel

King dropped his first-ever music album 'Circumstances' in 2018 and ever since there has been no looking back for him


Unlock Your Mind's Potential With AI and Brainwave Training

Dr. Patrick Porter shares insights on brain frequencies and brainwave entrainment, explaining how they help us manage stress and anxiety.