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Jargon: Thumb Tribe

Dexterous individuals who text better (and faster) than they talk.

Jennifer Wang

A Whale of an Idea

How one mammal spawned an entire industry

Matt Villano

Time to Run

Mobile apps that'll track your billable hours.

A High-Tech Tool for Staying Up-to-Date on Your Clients and Business Contacts

Gist offers business users the chance to find a new social media order.

Jason Ankeny

To Protect and Serve ... Again

When Dawn Costanzo went from undercover cop to home-care provider, the first life she changed was her own.

Jason Daley

Many Roads Lead to Leads

Engaging and acquiring customers is no longer as simple as using direct mail.

Brian Quinton

A New Tool to Build a Mobile Storefront

This mobile storefront solution ushers small-business owners into the growing world of 'm-commerce.'

Jason Ankeny

The Fill-in-the-Blank Economy

Some call it the entrepreneur economy, some the engagement economy. Whatever you call it, 2010 was a topsy-turvy year.

Amy Cosper

The Games People Play

Why social gaming matters to your business.

Amy Cosper

A Guide to Business Mobility

Choosing a mobile service? Here's how to decipher the plans, available devices and jargon from the major carriers.

E-Commerce in Reverse

Milo bridges online and in-store selling with a site that lets consumers search for products offered by local merchants.

Is it Time for a CFO?

Managing financial issues can take a toll on owners. Know when to turn to a pro.

Gwen Moran