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Are You This Type of Toxic Boss? Here's How to Know — and How to Be Better

Uncover the impact of this specific type of toxic boss on your team's success and learn to evolve into a superior leader.


12 Ways You Can Immediately Start To Motivate Your Employees

Follow these tips to ensure your employees feel seen and recognized.

Thought Leaders

5 Harsh Realities About Starting a Business Today — And What to Do About Them

From hiring to delegating to the art of life/work balance, how to organize a business for success and avoid the most frequent pitfalls.


How to Structure and Build a Team For Long-Term Success

It's less about how you put the org chart together and more about maneuvering people as you develop relationships.


Prioritizing DEI Is the Secret to Future-Proofing Your Business

Despite the recent Supreme Court decision and what might seem the prevailing wind of a diversity, equity and inclusion rollback, savvy entrepreneurs aren't just keeping these programs vigorous but broadening them using quantitative analysis and other tools.

Growing a Business

Is Your Relentless Pursuit of Efficiency Actually Hurting Your Business? Here's How to Tell When You're Taking Productivity Too Far.

A fanatical eye to the leanest and most productive systems can sometimes have diminishing returns.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

Thriving Workplaces: The Key to Employee Well-being

Your employees want to feel like they're doing their best. Now is the chance for you to make it easier for them to be as successful as possible.


Stop Trying to Retain Employees With Flashy Perks. Rethink Your Organizational Structure Instead.

Most execs try to improve culture at a top level with perks, but a better success method might be a hard look at leadership systems as a whole — and a willingness to shake them up.


Don't Neglect Your Middle Managers — Here's Why They're the Key to Your Company's Success

Discussing the power of middle managers and their crucial role in driving employee engagement and performance.


Don't Talk to Another Customer Until You Learn This Simple Customer Service Secret

Every customer is at the center of their own world. This simple realization can be your ticket to customer service transformation and excellence, as this customer service consultant and trainer explains.


Why Assessments Are a Critical Component of Knowing Your Team

How assessments can provide an objective understanding of interpersonal needs, communication styles and drivers of trust for the individuals and teams leaders work with.


Companies Spend More Than $37 Billion Each Year on Unnecessary Meetings — Use These 5 Tips to Make Sure Yours Are Worth Attending.

Now more than ever before, we're in a meeting overload, spending countless hours on calls and in brainstorming sessions with our colleagues, only to get nothing done. Here are five ways to make your meetings more efficient.


How to Manage These 6 Different Workplace Personality Types

The ideal of treating all your employees equally doesn't always lead to optimal outcomes. Instead, cater your management style to individual personality types — then watch your staff blossom!


So You Decided to Become a Franchisee. Here's What Happens Next.

The author of "The Wealthy Franchisee" gives an uncensored account of the highs and lows experienced during those initial days of doing business.