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Social Media

7 Strategies for Entrepreneurs in Partner and Affiliate Marketing

Here are seven ways you need to keep in mind while working with marketing partners for your company.


What the 'Barbie' Movie Can Teach Businesses About Effective Multicultural Marketing

Here are three key insights from the "Barbie" movie's multicultural marketing playbook.


Your Marketing Isn't Working Because You Are Guilty of These 5 Mistakes. Here's What You Should Do Instead

If your marketing is not working, it is important to take action to address the problem.


How to Use Your Human Design to Effectively Market Your Business

As you leverage your human design in your marketing strategy, take what resonates and leave the rest.


How to Create an Effective SEO Strategy — A 2023 Guide

This guide illustrates the process of crafting an effective SEO strategy in 2023. Implementing these measures can lead to increased organic traffic, better user experience and enhanced brand visibility.


6 Proactive Ways to Promote Good Reviews and Supercharge Your Online Reputation

An effective promotion strategy can turn good reviews into a powerful brand builder.


3 Ways New Amazon Sellers Can Stand Out From the Crowd on Prime Day

Stand out and drive sales as a new Amazon seller on Prime Day with these three simple and proven tactics.


How Advertising Is a Living, Evolving Entity (and How to Grab Hold of It)

Take a journey through the dynamic history of advertising and discover how it has evolved into a living entity. Understanding the continual growth of advertising is crucial for entrepreneurs looking to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.

Business News

FTC Proposes Rule to Crack Down on Fake Reviews and Deceptive Marketing Tactics

As much as 30-40% of online reviews are fake, according to a new report.

Science & Technology

In the Age of Automation and AI, Focus on These 3 Marketing Tactics

With the imminent emergence of various AI and automation tools in marketing and PR, here are insights on navigating the industry's new tools and evolving landscape while remaining unequivocally committed to ethical practices amid the AI boom.

Growing a Business

Your PR Is Doomed Without a Consistent Digital Strategy. Here's Why.

Here's why launching a digital PR campaign won't make sense until you've established a solid and consistent digital strategy.

Growing a Business

How to Elevate Your Business With Social Proof

Let's discuss the power of social proof and a few effective strategies to help you leverage it to elevate your business.


5 Timeless Storytelling Strategies to Use in Your Next Marketing Campaign

Telling a good story in your marketing is not just about coming up with a clever catchphrase or producing a heartwarming video, but seeing the world through your customer's eyes and crafting a narrative that resonates with them.


5 Key Considerations When Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

Most companies hope to select a digital marketing agency and stick with them for the long haul — but that's not always the case. Here are the key considerations to make when choosing yours.


Use These 3 Trends to Help Your Business Get Noticed More on Google

Whether you're a Top 100 company or a small business just branching your wings, search engine marketing is imperative to reach the customers you're looking for.