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How much does it cost you not to leave a will?

In Mexico, only 7.2% of the population has a will, while the remaining 92.7% do not have one.

How to Negotiate Your Way to a Richer Life

Negotiating is an important personal finance skill that can help you earn more and pay less. Whether you’re discussing a job offer, dickering at a car...

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11 Important Things to Do Before Retirement and More

We all enter the professional world at a young age and continue working till the age of retirement. Yet, during all these years, we dedicate our lives...

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Smart Money Podcast: Lifestyle Creep and Booking Cheap Travel

Welcome to NerdWallet’s Smart Money podcast, where we answer your real-world money questions. This week’s episode starts with a discussion about lifes...

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Invest in These for Passive Income

When it comes to personal finance, passive income is the holy grail. And, for a good reason. A passive income gives you more time on your hands and le...

Albert Costill

Check Finances Now to Avoid Falling Behind

Fall is the perfect time to review your finances because there’s still time to make adjustments before the end of the year. The continuing pandemic an...

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5 Items You Must Have to Open a Business Bank Account

It doesn't have to be complicated -- here's what you need to know.

How to Plan for Your Financial Future

When your finances are in order, you just feel better. You also have a better sense of how to save and plan for your financial future. Plus, you have...

Peter Daisyme

How Video Games Can Level Up Kids’ Money Skills

Every few days, my 8-year-old son, Neal, asks if he can “earn something” on Roblox, a popular online video game platform. That’s his way of suggesting...

Kimberly Palmer

Where to Turn When a Natural Disaster Upends Your Finances

Natural disasters can upend lives in an instant, but unwinding the financial damage can take many months. Still, those affected have many sources of h...