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5 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Take Control of Their Financial Futures in 2022

Award-winning journalist, entrepreneur and co-host of "Everyday Wealth" Soledad O'Brien on how to build the wealth you desire long term.

Efforts Underway To Revive Monthly Stimulus Checks, But With Changes

The last federal stimulus checks were sent out about a year ago after President Joe Biden approved the American Rescue Plan Act. After this, the monthly child tax credits were...

Aman Jain

Grimace-Free Ways to Learn Personal Finance

The online landscape is littered with horrible personal finance advice: teenagers promoting day trading strategies, "influencers" flogging questionable investment schemes and people with dubious credentials insisting you shouldn't invest in…

Liz Weston, CFP®

Las Vegas Stimulus Checks: City Approves $121M American Rescue Plan Funding Allocations

Even though federal stimulus checks aren't coming, some state and local governments are using the federal funds they received to give targeted stimulus payments. Recently, the Las Vegas City Council...

Aman Jain

Coronavirus Stimulus Checks From Utah: Salt Lake County Gets More Funds To Offer Rent Relief

In addition to stimulus checks, rental assistance proved to be a lifeline for many who are struggling to pay their rent due to the financial hardships they faced as a...

Aman Jain

7 Ways To Protect Your Financial Investments From Theft

Cybersecurity is a growing concern in all areas of life. Businesses and political entities were put on high alert when the SolarWinds hack took place back in 2019. Individuals have...

Peter Daisyme

Coronavirus Stimulus Checks from Biden: Video Showing Biden Authorizing New Checks Is Fake

People want more coronavirus stimulus checks from Biden, but so far, the president hasn't shown any interest in it. In the past few days, however, a video of Biden talking...

Aman Jain

A Financial Checklist for Quitting Your Job

Burnt out? Over it? Ready for a change? Millions of people are quitting their jobs each month in what many have dubbed the "Great Resignation." Before you join the mass…

Kelsey Sheehy

Deadline To Claim $2K In New Jersey Stimulus Check Is Nearing

If you are still waiting for a federal stimulus check, then don't bother, as they are highly unlikely. Many in New Jersey, however, can still get a stimulus check. This...

Aman Jain