4 Steps to Help You Turn a 'No' Into a 'Yes'

The fortune is in the follow-up: Follow these steps to land a contract or gig after being told "no."

Ben Patwa

Use este poderoso método de persuasión para que los clientes regresen por más

Si basa su proceso de ventas en la manipulación o la presión, se está perdiendo éxitos mucho más duraderos.

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If you base your sales process on manipulation or pressure, you're missing out on much more enduring successes.

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7 formas de cautivar a cualquier público

Asegúrese de que cuando se vayan, no puedan dejar de hablar de usted y de su presentación.

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7 Ways to Captivate Any Audience

Make sure that when they leave, they can't stop talking about you and your presentation.

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Lessons in Persuasion From the Most Celebrated American Presidents

With a nod to Presidents' Day, we examine what entrepreneurs can learn from the White House's greatest communicators.

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If You Want Power and Opportunity, Work On Your Persuasion Skills

There is a difference between those who go it alone and those who use persuasion to find opportunity.

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