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Why Splurge on Peloton? Instead, This Device Gives You a Full Cardio Workout in Your Living Room.

MoonRun is the perfect workout for small spaces, and it's more than $100 off right now.

#5 Best Smartwatches in the Market Under 5000

Smartwatches are a new age but finding one in the budget is the real deal. Entrepreneur India has handpicked and reviewed five smartwatches below INR 5000 that are worth having

Tips to Keep Our Mind, Body and Soul Active During Covid-19

While this lockdown is necessary for safety, we also need to make sure that our body, mind, and soul never get rusted. Here's how to be healthy, fit, and boost our spirits during the challenging times

5 Healing Exercises and Therapies That Will Help You in Rejuvenate

Statistics say that about 82 percent of the population in India are suffering from stress and nearly 75 percent of respondents do not feel comfortable talking to medical professionals about their feelings and this is one of the barriers

Swati Sawhney

Benefits of Virtual Workout Classes for People During the Quarantine

A little home workout, Yoga, or Pilates might be your best bet for holding some semblance of sanity while cooped up

Prateek Sood

From Cancer to Stress: 10 Reasons to Include Lemon in Your Diet

From weight loss, blood pressure to a lot more here are ways of how lemon keeps your body is beneficial for your body and you need to make it part of your life

#5 Foods That Are Killing Your Intelligence, Focus and Brain

Here are five food that you need to cut down to keep your brain healthy and fit

Indian's Warm-up Session with Fitness and Healthcare Supplements

According to studies, the healthcare and dietary supplement market in India is expected to reach US$ 308 Billion by 2022

Why Promoting Healthier Workplace Habits Will Boost Your Business

Modern offices still lack ergonomic designs, provide dim lighting, are conducive to stress, and are often without mental and physical fitness programs

Sam Corcos

This Six-Week, At-Home Workout Program Can Whip You Into Shape

Stay fit in quarantine with this equipment-free workout plan.

In a Home Workout Rut Already? MoovBuddy Can Get You Motivated.

MoovBuddy makes working out at home fun, smart and more proactive than your typical workout program.