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Get a Great Workout Every Day with This Indoor Rower

The Apollo Pro V Reserve is a feature at health clubs and CrossFit facilities around the U.S.

Thought Leaders

How to Make Exercise an Unbreakable Habit

It's easy for busy entrepreneurs to let physical activity slide out of their weekly routine. Here's how to incorporate exercise so it becomes a habit that's hard to lose.


Start Getting into Great Shape in 2022 with These Resources

New year, new you: Be one of the few to stick to a weight-loss resolution.

News and Trends

What Does the Year Hold For India's Fitness Sector?

India's fitness industry is rapidly transforming and is expected to reach $32 billion by the next year

Health & Wellness

Why Physical Health Can Help Your Business's Health

Improving my physical health helped me improve my business's health as well.


The Healthtech Hero

The man behind one of India's leading sports and nutrition brands HealthKart/MuscleBlaze


Get Two-Year Access to a Top Fitness App and a Massage Gun for One Price

Start getting into a better fitness routine with this bundle.

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The Best Under-Desk Ellipticals of 2021

Turn your work into a workout and meet your cardio goals without ever having to leave your desk.

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Finally, A Fitness App Made for Every Lifestyle

This app lets you connect with a real personal trainer to build customize fitness plans that fit your health goals and accommodates your hectic schedule.


Fit Chic: Fitbit Luxe

Designed to help you take a more holistic approach to your health and wellness, Luxe offers everything from stress management tools to automatic activity and sleep tracking– all in a chic bracelet design.

Starting a Business

3 Keys to Launching a B2C Medical Device

Developing a B2C medical device comes with unique challenges. Here are key processes that can help you with your launch.


This 'Shark Tank' Favorite Makes Working Out From Home Easier

No need to worry about leaving home for a great workout.

Health & Wellness

Openfit Helps You Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle

Fitness, nutrition, and wellness all in one app.