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Exercise at the Office with This Pedal Exerciser

The FlexStride Pedal Exerciser can be a great tool for busy entrepreneurs.


The 3 Biggest Questions Facing the Fitness Industry

With gyms re-opening, there are new questions about where and how consumers choose to work out.

Growth Strategies

Employee Health Is a Major Determining Factor For Workplace Productivity

Employee health is a major determining factor for employee productivity and one could argue that it is the most important factor

Health & Wellness

Best Home Fitness Equipment for 2022

This roundup of fitness equipment can help keep you in-shape.


High-Quality Home Workouts Can Boost Productivity

When you figure out how to stay fit on your own, you can maximize performance no matter where your office is.


The Future Of Wellness Brands In India

An average Indian millennial now spends INR 4,000 per month on fitness and wellness. This spending will rise in terms of ticket size and the number of people in this bracket

Thought Leaders

These Two Female Fitness Instructors Were Dismissed by Investors. Now, the Joke's on Them.

Their success came from leaning into their background, not shying away from it.


Create an On-Demand Yoga Routine Online

Moviing was designed by 'fit-fluencers' to help you stay fit anywhere.


Break a Sweat with Jillian Michaels' Fitness App

Get lifetime access to the app for one price.

News and Trends

Growfitter Raises $1 Million In Pre-Series A Round Led By Inflection Point Ventures

Funds will be utilized to build technology infrastructure and to expand business operations as well as for hiring and branding of the platform

News and Trends

GrowFitter Raises $120,000 From DevX Venture Fund

Funds will be utilised to grow the company's technology stack, offering immersive experience to users and members


The Nutrition-led Healthcare Honchos

MyFitness is gaining recognition from peers as well as attracting compliments for the product as the company gains help the co-founders drive the highs on the journey of being an entrepreneur.