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This 'Shark Tank' Favorite Makes Working Out From Home Easier

No need to worry about leaving home for a great workout.

Health & Wellness

Openfit Helps You Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle

Fitness, nutrition, and wellness all in one app.

Science & Technology

The Future of Health: Why Age 100 Will Soon Become 'the New 60'

Rapid innovation in stem-cell therapy and advanced diagnostic testing are ushering in a new era of better health, longer lives and enhanced immunity.


A Healthier Lifestyle Starts with This Highly Rated App

BetterMe can help keep your body and mind in tip-top shape this summer.

Science & Technology

Tech Is Making It Possible to Track Metabolism in Real-Time

Metabolism-measuring wellness tracker Lumen invites you to hack your health.


The Best Massage Guns of 2021

Suffering from muscle soreness? The best massage guns just might help.

Business News

Report Says Hackers Can Spy on You When You're on Your Peloton Bike, Treadmill

Peloton assured users that the issue was "already fixed" via a software update.


Have 'Fitspo' Influencers Saved the Fitness Industry?

A fresh breed of fitness influencers coined a new hashtag and approach to wellness, and how your health brand can benefit.


The Future Of Fitness In The GCC (2020 Holds All The Answers)

2020 accelerated the adoption of new fitness technologies and training models. We realized -some of us for the first time, some of us once again- how important fitness is for our health and everyday life.


Get a Stimulating Workout By Just Sitting in Your Chair with Core-Tex Sit

This elegant device moves with you to strengthen your core and promote blood flow.


Find Time to Exercise This Summer With the Openfit Fitness & Wellness App

From live and on-demand classes to customized meal plans, Openfit has you covered.