2 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Pitch

By improving the start and finish of your pitch you can instantly help stand out from the crowd and increase your chance of raising venture capital.


4 Steps to Take Before Asking Investors for Money

Entrepreneurs need to ensure their company has sufficient capital. Raising funds is a fundamental way to do so.


Cómo escribir un PitchDeck exitoso para atraer inversionistas en 2024

En un entorno económico desafiante, conseguir inversores para tu startup en 2024 es más difícil que nunca. Te damos algunos consejos para redactar un pitch exitoso.

Operations & Logistics

The 5 Essential Elements of a PR Pitch That Will Land

Is there anything new to say about how to write a successful pitch? Maybe not. But this veteran PR pro has a handful of tactics she routinely employs to get client results.

Business Plans

How to Perfectly Pitch Your Business Plan in 10 Minutes

A minute-by-minute approach to what to say and when to say it.

Growth Strategies

Cracking The Code: A Three-Point-Guide On How To Get From Pitch To Page

Here's my generalized three-point toolkit that might help you earn the spotlight you think you/your company deserves, not just from us at Entrepreneur, but, I'd dare say, from just about any media outlet out there.

Growing a Business

Want More Customers? Use This Simple 5-Step Process to Create an Irresistible Pitch

It's not hard to get customers to "yes" if you know what they need.

Thought Leaders

Want to Sell More? It All Comes Down to Nailing the 'Three P's' According to Legendary Pitchman Anthony Sullivan

On the new episode of "Fix My Pitch," business coaches Anthony Sullivan and Tina Frey break down the ingredients of a knockout pitch.


Free Event: Overcoming Investor Pitch Anxiety

Explore the psychological barriers that create fear around pitching and learn techniques to navigate and overcome them.


4 Ways To Make A Strong Pitch

Pitching is not just for entrepreneurs to seek funding. In our work life we all pitch in one way or another, such as pitching a new system to your team or a proposal to the board. Every time we put our best foot forward to encourage our coworkers to adopt our ideas and give us the go-ahead.

Thought Leaders

I Pitched 300 People a Day For 1 Year — and Learned This Impactful Entrepreneurial Lesson

After working myself to the bone pitching 300 people each day for one year, I came out of that experience as a new man — but surprisingly, an unhappier one. Here's what I learned.

Thought Leaders

5 Things Your Pitch Deck Needs to Include for VCs to Consider Investing in Your Company

If you're looking for VC funding, you need to understand what investors are looking for in a company before they decide to invest. Here are five things your pitch deck should include.

Buying / Investing in Business

A Guide to Visualizing Data in Your Pitch Deck

What separates your pitch deck from the 99% that go in the trash? Learn how to use data visualization to create compelling investment decks that secure investments to get your business off the runway.