Want to Sell More? It All Comes Down to Nailing the 'Three P's' According to Legendary Pitchman Anthony Sullivan On the new episode of "Fix My Pitch," business coaches Anthony Sullivan and Tina Frey break down the ingredients of a knockout pitch.

By Entrepreneur Staff

Key Takeaways

  • If you can't pitch, you can't succeed.
  • Learn to overcome shyness and stage fright.
  • Be aware of the message being sent by body language.
  • Facts tell, but stories sell.

"If an entrepreneur can't pitch their business, they can't succeed."

So says legendary pitchman Anthony Sullivan, who you probably know from his iconic OxiClean commercials. "It's something we see happen all the time on Entrepreneur's show, Elevator Pitch, where entrepreneurs have 60 seconds to pitch. If they don't get an investor's attention, they're done for."

To help entrepreneurs who didn't succeed on the show (and to offer all entrepreneurs the tricks of the pitching trade) Sullivan teamed up with business coach Tina Frey to host our new show Fix My Pitch. Over the course of this season, four failed Elevator Pitch contestants will receive training from world-class pitching and startup experts. Their ultimate goal? Scoring a second chance in the elevator to win a life-changing investment from our board.

On this episode, Anthony and Tina meet two contestants with science-based companies and break down some of the basics of a winning pitch. Anthony says it comes down to the three P's all lining up perfectly: "The pitch, the person and the product."

Here are some of the big areas Tina and Anthony drill down on with the entrepreneurs:

  • Exuding confidence with your words and body language
  • Finding that inner salesperson even if you are an introvert
  • Keeping your message simple and digestible
  • Selling by telling a great story

See how the contestants respond to their first round of blunt criticism, and see if any of Anthony and Tina's tips can be applied to you and your business. (Spoiler alert: 100% of these tips can be applied to you and your business!)

Fix My Pitch contestants

Ashley Rosulek, founder of Osweetfitness, affordable, high-quality luxury athletic wear

Brandon Storms, founder and CEO of Retavo, a platform to launch and maintain a state-of-the-art enterprise-grade marketplace at an affordable price

William Colton, MS, CEO of Paldara, a company harnessing the power of natural bacteriophage to fight and prevent disease.

Arvin Bhangu, founder of Superintelligence, a research lab that aims to create a system that allows for the co-existence of humans and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Fix My Pitch experts

Anthony Sullivan, celebrity pitchman and entrepreneur

Tina Frey, keynote speaker, coach, communications expert, and author of The ART of Facilitation

Fix My Pitch is sponsored by State Farm. New episodes stream Wednesdays now through October 4, 2023 on Entrepreneur.com. Season 10 of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch premieres on October 18, 2023.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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Want to Sell More? It All Comes Down to Nailing the 'Three P's' According to Legendary Pitchman Anthony Sullivan

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