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The Secret to Pitching Your Business Plan in Just 10 Minutes

This outline breaks down a business plan pitch minute by minute so you can stay on topic and build the necessary interest and excitement.

Mike Moyer

This Secret Weapon Will Convince Investors to Fund Your Startup

It's a silver bullet of success that will help you nail your pitch presentation every time.

Donna Griffit

How Investors Determine Whether Your Business Is Worth It

If you want to write a successful business plan that gets you the funding you desire, you'll first need to put on your investor cap.

Nate Nead

How to Make Your Startup Irresistible to Investors

Clear differences exist between startups that can raise financing and those that can't.

Nate Nead

3 Tips to Follow When Pitching to Investors

Investors want to invest in people, and people come to life through stories.

3 Secret Growth Metrics That Matter Most To Investors

Don't misjudge what they're looking for -- it could mean missing out on a potential match.

David Newns

This Entrepreneur Shares What You Can Do to Nail Your Investor Pitch Deck

Corporate Storyteller Donna Griffit explains how to construct the perfect investor pitch deck and shares tips for founders on how to prepare for meetings with investors.

Jessica Abo

3 Success Strategies for Crafting the Perfect Elevator Pitch

These veteran pitch competition winners share their best advice.

Why Seeking Out Investors Could Sabotage Your Business

Bootstrapping forces you to cut the fluff from day one.

4 Things You Need to Do to Secure Backing If You're In a Flyover Area

This is how to get funding if you live outside California, New York, or Massachusetts.

Albert Santalo