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How to Build Trust and Transparency With Your Customers While Taking Their Data

In this article, we'll explore why businesses must prioritize customer data security and privacy when embracing innovation and provide guidance on navigating the complex landscape to mitigate inherent risks.

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Facial Recognition Tech Even Google Determined Was 'Too Dangerous' Raises Alarm Bells, Privacy Concerns

PimEyes, a facial recognition website, enables individuals to find someone's identity on the internet by uploading their picture.

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Why Proactivity With Data Security and Privacy Is More Important Than Ever — and How to Be on Top of It

Learn how data masking is revolutionizing healthcare data security by replacing sensitive information with fictitious data, safeguarding patient privacy and protecting against cyberattacks.

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Meta Turns to 10-Year-Olds to Achieve Mark Zuckerberg's Vision — a 'Beyond the Pale' Move That's Raising Red Flags

The move follows the company's decision earlier this year to allow people under 18 to join Horizon Worlds.

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Amazon Will Pay Over $30 Million For Alleged Privacy Violations With Amazon Ring and Alexa Devices

The Federal Trade Commission has accused Amazon of violating the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Rule (COPPA Rule) in regard to its data deletion practices.

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This Company Will Give You a 55-Inch TV for Free — But There's an Extremely Invasive Catch

The startup's privacy policy was raising some serious red flags online.

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FTC Says Facebook Violated 2020 Privacy Order, Proposes More Protections for Teens and Children

This is the third instance wherein the FTC says Facebook allegedly failed to protect user privacy.

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Panera Bread Is Testing a Sci-Fi-Esque Amazon Payment System — and Privacy Concerns Abound

The tech's already been pulled from one major Colorado venue after pushback.

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Protect Your Business Online With These Decentralized VPNs

Use either of these VPNs to help your business retain its privacy and security.

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Hulu Customer Claims an Employee Violated Her Privacy By Using Personal Information to Contact Her After a Virtual Service Chat

"How many other women has he done this to, and how else is he using my information?" Strauss said in a TikTok post.


In the Fight for Privacy, Web Cookies Are Disappearing. Here's What That Means for Your Company's Advertising Strategy.

Privacy is becoming prioritized and third-party cookies are disappearing. Instead of spending more to reach the exact same audience, businesses will have to find another way to help them reach their audiences more efficiently and effectively.

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Protect Your Privacy with a Custom Second Phone Number

Connect a second phone number to manage spam calls, work connections, and online purchases.


Identify Hidden Cameras in Your Airbnb or Hotel With This Pocket Gadget

The Anti-Spy Camera Finder uses infrared LEDs to identify hidden camera lenses in outlets, decor, and more.

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Tim Hortons App Violated Privacy Laws, Infuriating Canadian Authorities: 'Our Daily Lives Are Treated as a Commodity'

The mobile app, which has four million users, gathered vast amounts of sensitive data without consent.