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Save Time and Money, and Book Clients Efficiently with This $50 Subscription

Never miss another appointment with a lifetime subscription to Calendbook.


Add ChatGPT to Your WordPress for Just $40 This Black Friday

Easily integrate ChatGPT to the front, back, or both ends of your website.

Science & Technology

The Secret Weapon for Crushing Workplace Communication Barriers

While hype around the metaverse hasn't gone anywhere, there's something brewing that's actually being practically applied in companies: AR instead of VR. Although Apple's Vision Pro is at this point ludicrously expensive, there are far cheaper options that are already providing practical benefits.


The Surprising Link Between Music and Focus Could Make You More Productive Than Ever — If You Take Advantage of It

Music won't make you smarter, but it can help you to be more productive.


Give Yourself the Gift of an Extra Screen with This Portable Monitor, Now $249.97

Improve your workflow with a second screen.


Great Gift on a Budget: Refurbished 8" Lenovo Tab 4 for $65

Unlock your productivity wherever you go with this useful tablet.


This PDF Support Platform Is Only $69.99 Through November 9th

Don't miss this deal (regularly $139) on a useful tool that simplifies the way you interact with and edit PDFs.


A Lifetime of Document 365 Is $70 Through October Only

This PDF manager is on sale and makes a great holiday gift.


I've Managed a Remote Team for 30 Years. Here Are 6 Mistakes I See New Remote Teams Making That Will Kill Their Success.

Like it or not, remote work is here to stay. As the CEO of one of the first fully remote workplaces in the 1990s, I share six mistakes new remote teams are making that will kill their success.

Science & Technology

How Generative AI Will Revolutionize The Future of Your Brand

Artificial intelligence has disrupted many traditional ways of graphic design, and it can be harnessed to revolutionize the future of your company. be apart of it What this means for the future


This PDF Tool Lets You Edit and More — and It's Just $30 Through EOD Today

It's the last day to get this handy productivity tool.


Too Many Responsibilities? This Simple Life Hack Will Help You Reclaim Your Life

Use this simple strategy to audit your responsibilities, hobbies and relationships in order to figure out what holds you back.


3 Common Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Productivity

Learn how you can optimize your mental performance for productivity by avoiding these three common mistakes.

Operations & Logistics

Pros or Pretenders? How to Choose a Reliable PR Agency in 6 Steps

With a multitude of names vying for clients' attention, how can you be certain that you're selecting a dependable PR contractor?