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Making a Change

Mastering Resilience: Learn to Detach Mistakes from Your Self-Worth with Darrell Vesterfelt

A moment of crisis led to his partners asking him to step away from one of the businesses that he co-founded

Thought Leaders

Life After Addiction with Tim Stoddart: How He Went From Rock Bottom to Launching a 7-Figure Business

He shares his story of growing up in Philly, getting sober, and how writing in secret exploded into a career.

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Confronting Your Childhood to Chart Your Future With Antonio Neves

Listen to how he overcame childhood wounds, moved past seeking achievement as a coping mechanism, and learned to embrace his authentic self.

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How Dorie Clark Went from Heartbreak to Writing a Bestseller

She shares how she made it through that year and how she built her career.

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Rethink, Rebuild, Relaunch: Anthony Trucks on Reinventing Yourself for Entrepreneurial Success

Anthony found himself at a breaking point in his business, his marriage, and even his will to live. Here's how he recovered.

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How You Can Recover from Rejection: Learn Science-Backed Strategies to Reclaim and Advance with Dr. Michael Gervais

Discover how he recovered from a devastating rejection to become one of the best in his field.

Business News

Recovering from a Whole Year at Rock Bottom with Shay Rowbottom

Explore her path to recovery after hitting rock bottom, and the grounding process that enabled her to rebuild from a renewed foundation.