Southwest Airlines

Leaked Southwest Airlines Memo Asks HQ Employees to Help Get Flights on Track

An internal message requested Southwest Airlines headquarters employees to voluntarily work in scheduling rather than their normal jobs.

Steve Huff

'You Harassed an Entire Flight:' Southwest Airlines' Ukulele Marketing Stunt Is Getting Mixed Reviews

The airline partnered with Guitar Center to make sure passengers were ready for their trip to Hawaii.

Sam Silverman

3 Airline Stocks Stuck in a Holding Pattern

Airlines now face another uphill climb to regain market favor. Here’s how some of the most widely followed companies are handling the latest turbulence.

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'Quit Sending Naked Pictures': Pilot Threatens to Cancel Flight After Passenger AirDrops NSFW Photos to Strangers

A Southwest Airlines pilot almost stopped a flight to Mexico after nude photos were being circulated to passengers.

Emily Rella

First Major Airline Strikes a Deal With Pilots Union

United Airlines has come to an agreement with its pilots' labor union on new contract terms, setting an example for the rest of the industry.

Kate Duffy

3 Financially Fit Airline Stocks Worth Boarding

Some airlines will return to profitability sooner than others on account of their effective cost cutting measures, strong balance sheets, and popular route offerings.

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Over 2,300 Flights Canceled as Winter Storm Hits Northeast

Airlines continued to struggle to deal with inclement weather. Cancellations and delays have plagued Southwest Airlines and other airlines in recent weeks, with staffing issues cited as a major reason.

Southwest Airlines CEO Speaks Out on Cancellation Chaos and Vaccine Mandate: 'We're Not Going to Fire Any Employees Over This'

The cancellations come nearly a week after the Dallas-based airline announced a vaccine requirement for employees.

Chloe Arrojado