Starting a Business

3 Things I Learned in the First 3 Months of Starting My Company

Starting a new business comes with financial, technical and employee-related hurdles that one may not think to plan for ahead of time.


Fight Against Cancer: Meet Some Indian Startups On This Journey

It is more optimistic to see the cancer survivorship statistics where it is reported that more than 18 million Americans with a history of cancer were alive on January 1, 2022.


5 Startup Marketing Moves That Work Even in Uncertain Times

You may not be able to predict the future, but these battle tested marketing moves will help you create opportunities, even in the most trying times.

Starting a Business

How To Raise Capital For A New Business Idea

These practical methods and tools are available to entrepreneurs who want to raise money to create their own new businesses.

Business Plans

How Startups and Investors Can Thrive in the Current Economic Environment

Despite the bad news in today's economic environment, startups must refine their business strategy, and VCs must take advantage of less competition to invest.

News and Trends

The Chief Of Sanitation

A first-generation founder, Ajinkya Dhariya launched PadCare Labs as a means to dispose and recycle menstrual products

Starting a Business

Free Webinar | February 23: How Black Entrepreneurs Can Achieve Success With a Profit-First Mentality

Join us for this free webinar as two-time Emmy Award winning host of the Never Settle Show, Mario Armstrong, shares how to cultivate the mindset resilience that lead him to success. Register now →

News and Trends

Indian Startups Are Looking At Reverse Flipping: Economic Survey

The Survey said many Indian companies have been getting headquartered overseas, especially in destinations with favourable environments and taxation policies


El antídoto para evitar la muerte de tu compañía: la planeación estratégica

A pesar de que en el presente existen diversas estrategias, herramientas y/o mentores que te ayudan a no formar parte de la estadística de mortandad de las compañías, fallar y bajar la cortina sigue siendo muy frecuente en el mundo de las startups.

News and Trends

Piyush Goyal Calls For International Network To Strengthen Global Startup Ecosystem

According to the minister, this network must support and inspire startups, act as a team to facilitate exchange of ideas, best practices and funding mechanisms and promote collaborations in research and development


¿Puede la última milla latinoamericana volverse un ejemplo de eficiencia energética?

Una startup chilena busca impulsar un "sello verde" en la región que certifique el uso eficiente de flotas vehiculares y combustibles a la hora de despachar productos


¿Qué necesitan las startups de healthtech para triunfar en el 2023?

Tras casi tres años de crecimiento exponencial, la industria healthtech es una de las más demandadas en la actualidad. Sin embargo, más demanda significa más competencia.


La startup brasileña Genial Care recauda $10 millones de dólares para ayudar a padres y cuidadores de niños con autismo

La plataforma ofrece contenido de texto, audio y vídeo que ayuda a los niños con autismo a desarrollar todo su potencial.

News and Trends

Union Budget 2023: Centre Is Likely To Extend Incentives To Boost Startups

The government may reportedly consider providing funds to infrastructure projects approved by the Network Planning Group (NPG), constituted under the PM Gati Shakti initiative


Un ejemplo de emprendimiento social: la primera cama efímera y desechable para crisis humanitarias

Humanitaria es una cama creada a base de cartón, que puede ser utilizada en situaciones de crisis humanitarias, como las que atraviesa hoy el planeta.