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Future Forward: Abu Dhabi's and Hub71's Roles in Driving Sustainability and Cleantech In The UAE And Beyond

As per PwC's State of Climate Tech 2022, over US$260 billion in VC money has been injected into climate tech companies since the start of 2018, and in 2022, more than a quarter of total global VC funding went towards climate technology.


Green Future Project: Simplifying Climate Action Through Collective Action

Green Future Project provides a platform for individuals and businesses who want to gain access to effective climate solutions, and empower them to have an active role in reversing climate change.

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What Is Sustainable Farming and Agriculture?

Sustainable farming is the way of the future for agriculture. Discover what sustainable farming and agriculture are in this detailed guide.

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What Is Sustainable Fashion? Everything You Need To Know.

The fashion industry is one of the biggest in the world, but is it sustainable? Read on to learn more about sustainability in fashion.

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Why India Should Script a Roadmap For Green Growth, Energy Security and Carbon market In 2023

Through ambitious goals, forward-thinking programs, and creative strategies, India has rapidly progressed its efforts to develop renewable energy during the past few years

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Expo Live's Latest Cohort Opens Applications For Climate-Related Solutions Ahead Of The UAE's Hosting Of COP28

Applications for the program began on February 1, 2023, and will remain open until March 1, 2023.

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Budget 2023: The Budget Goes Green as the Centre Focuses on Promoting Sustainability

In order to meet India's net zero carbon emissions by 2070, India has been making strides towards reducing carbon emissions by promoting the use of electric and CNG mobility options, renewable sources of energy, etc

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Coffee Pods Might Not Be As Bad for the Environment As You Think

New research looked at the methods of coffee preparation that leave the smallest carbon footprint.

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6 Sleep Hacks That Are Also Good for the Environment

Bad sleep habits are a drain on your body and the planet. Here's how to reduce your carbon footprint — and insomnia.

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8 Sustainable Side Hustles That Will Make You Money and Save the Environment

From growing herbs to driving Uber, some ideas for sustainability-related jobs that will earn you some extra cash.

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Learn to Model Your Business on Sustainable Practices with This Course Bundle

Learn to run your business sustainably and lower operating costs.

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Sustainability and Profitability Can Co-Exist: 3 Keys to Growing a Green Business

Private equity and venture capital firms are increasingly backing resilient companies.

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New Luxury Space Capsule Takes Passengers to Edge of Earth's Atmosphere — Where They Can Enjoy Cocktails and Killer Views

The net-zero Spaceship Neptune ascends 100,000 feet into the sky via SpaceBalloon. Trips are sold out until 2025.


Why ESG Companies Are Better Equipped to Weather an Economic Storm

During an economic downturn, leaders may be tempted to scale back on ESG efforts, but the temporary savings could hinder a company's long-term success.

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INR 19,744-Crore Incentive Plan Approved By Centre For Green Hydrogen Industry

The plan seeks to promote development of green hydrogen production capacity of at least five MT per annum with an associated renewable energy capacity addition of about 125 GW in the country by 2030