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Earth Day 2023: Why Sustainability is a Win-Win for the Environment and Your Business

How sustainability can became a foundational pillar to building a successful business and tips for incorporating more sustainable practices in the office and beyond.

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EU-India Innocenter Hosts 8 High-Impact European Tech Startups At T-Hub Hyderabad

The programme provides a strategic network of ecosystem facilitators like VCs, potential partners and corporations from India and many European countries, including government representatives from both the sides

Growth Strategies

Sharjah-Based BEEAH Education Invites Sustainability Innovators From Around The World To Participate In The Future Pioneers Awards 2023

The Future Pioneers Awards aim to showcase sustainability ideas that can have positive impacts on communities.

Green Entrepreneur

Jeans Made Out of…What? One Company Dared to Go Where None Had Before — and Even Levi's Is On Board.

Stacy Flynn, CEO and co-founder of textile innovations company Evrnu, is redefining fashion's sustainable future.

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Incorporating Sustainability Principles As Entrepreneurs: The How-To

Here's how to create a sustainable future for your business.

Growth Strategies

Tackling Food Insecurity In The MENA: A Playbook For The Private Sector

The private sector is instrumental in tackling issues related to food insecurity and sustainable agriculture, but is there a way we can laser focus our efforts in one direction?

Growing a Business

Tweak Your Company's Mission Statement to Inspire Sustainability With Just One Word

Embracing corporate responsibility doesn't have to mean completely overhauling your company.

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The Overseas Samaritan: Jodie Underhill

Underhill strives to remove the stigma attached to waste collection with her NGO

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VCUarts Qatar Graduate Nada Raafat Elkharashi Uses 384 Egg Crates To Design Award-Winning Sustainable Seating Structure

In the long run, Elkharashi hopes that her concept and final product can motivate residents to have designated bins to dispose of their daily share of egg crates.

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Aviation & Sustainability: What are Airlines Doing To Mitigate Challenges

With every passing year, climate change is becoming alarming and the aviation sector has a significant role to play. The airlines are working towards development and adoption of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at scale, incorporating uniforms made of sustainable and recycled materials, among others, to mitigate these challenges

Growth Strategies

PepsiCo Invites Applications for The Second Installment Of Its Greenhouse Accelerator Program: MENA Sustainability Edition

PepsiCo's Greenhouse Accelerator Program: MENA Sustainability Edition will be accepting applications from startups with innovations capable of advancing sustainable practices in agriculture across the MENA region until April 10, 2023.

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The MENA Needs To Empower Its Young Entrepreneurs To Create Sustainable Economies

It's the talent of tomorrow who will lead. Two-thirds of the Gen Z population have already started or are planning to start their own business.

Growth Strategies

The UAE's Sustainable Real Estate Sector Is Poised For Continued Growth And Innovation

With over 80% of investors now prioritizing sustainability, significant progress being made in the development of energy-efficient buildings, sustainable urban planning, and renewable energy projects, investors can profit from these investments over the long term.


FortyGuard: Proprietary Analytics Enabling Effective Cooling For Cities

FortyGuard actually started out as a materials science company in 2020, before becoming a data company.


How AirCarbon Exchange Simply And Effectively Streamlines Carbon Trading

AirCarbon Exchange brings a traditional commodities-based architecture to the voluntary carbon market underpinned by a custom built and proprietary digital architecture.