OneGreen Raises $1.5 Million In Pre-Series Funding

The platform will use the funds to widen its market reach and become a launch pad for conscious brands

The Future Of Impact-Driven Change: Small Businesses And Sustainability Goals

By supporting and investing in MSMEs, many of whom already prioritize advancing global frameworks like the SDGs, public and private sectors are investing in a more sustainable future for the world.

Hisham Itani

Not a Choice But a Necessity: How Responsible Marketing Practices Can Bridge Gap Between Brands And Customers

Today's marketing practices are not just limited to satisfying the needs, demands and aspirations of customers and consumers. They have become an integral part of business strategies

Rajat Abbi

This Founder Was Dismayed by Food Waste in the Restaurant Industry, So She Started a Zero-Waste Grocery Line That Now Caters Events for Nike

An experienced chef by trade, Camilla Marcus noticed a disconnect between sustainability and the food industry — so she set out to change the way we farm, eat and browse grocery aisles.

How Green Pharma Can Cure Disease and (Possibly) Save the Planet

Among the many industries that could become green in the future, the pharmaceutical industry is one with excellent potential.

Jessica Wong

The Time Is Now: More Business Leaders In The Middle East Need To See ESG As A Catalyst For Growth

The vibrant local economic ecosystem across the region is bursting with ambition and energy in innovation and entrepreneurship across many different sectors, and this is leading to an upbeat outlook about the future from business leaders.

Maria Gedeon

The Role Of Culture (And Creativity) In Realizing Sustainable Development

Culture, like a sleeping giant, can be awakened to address the most pressing social and economic concerns.

Defining Climate Finance and What It Means For India

Generation after generation has seen the same cycle over and over again- same agenda, different fund name. Currently, it goes by the name Climate finance

Paromita Gupta

How Fintech Companies Can Authentically Make a Positive Impact On the Environment

A passion for the environment is critical for the fintech industry and will reflect well in your business practices

Brodie Haupt

A Machine That Turns Rotten Groceries Into Energy? Meet the Guys Making Waste Useful.

The founders of Divert are using old produce to create energy, but they're also helping grocery stores waste less food.

Liz Brody

5 Green and Sustainable Franchises For Eco-Focused Entrepreneurs

These brands not only reduce their environmental impact, but they have also built businesses entirely centered on sustainable business practices and corporate social responsibility.

This Bioenergy Startup Aims To Become The Sector's Biggest Player

GPS Renewables is developing three projects of its own and also working on technology as well as EPC for four other projects this year