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Startup Spotlight: UAE-Based Oscar Is Helping Businesses Attain Supply Chain Sustainability In Their Journeys Towards Net-Zero

Data collection is a pivotal aspect of how Oscar helps businesses transform their procurement chains. But the startup's unique selling point lies in its ability to take a very localized approach.

Growth Strategies

Global Recognition for Indian-Led Startup's Food Waste Solution

Under the joint leadership of Dr. Somdip Dey and Software Engineer Suman Saha, Nosh Technologies has created the innovative Nosh app, leveraging sophisticated machine learning algorithms to assist households in reducing food waste

Growth Strategies

Reviving The Earth: Dendra Systems' Journey In Transforming Ecosystem Restoration

Confronting a daunting challenge, Dendra has set its sights on rejuvenating two billion hectares of degraded land that scars our planet.

Science & Technology

10 Tech Trends That Will Shape the Next Decade

Here's what the next 10 years have in store for the tech world.


Applications Open For Dubai Holding's Innovate for Tomorrow Global Sustainability Challenge

The winners of the challenge will be announced in May 2024, after an elaborate evaluation process.


Paradigm Shift: The World Simply Can't Afford To Make Unsustainable Investments Anymore

There is an increasing relevance in sustainable investments amid climate change risks, with many aspects aligning with good business practices.


Redefining Capital's Purpose: The Evolution Of Impact Investing

Discover the evolution of impact investing and its potential to create inclusive economies and foster sustainable development.


A Silicon Valley for Climate Tech? It Could Well Be the UAE

As the UAE transitions to a more diversified economy, it is starting to build financial and other infrastructure for startups and innovators.

Women Entrepreneur™

What Are The Climate Solutions That We're Leaving On The Table? Ask Women Entrepreneurs.

Unlocking the full potential of climate solutions requires empowering women-led small businesses.


Sustainable Finance: Here's How Startups Can Excel In The Emerging Green Economy Of The UAE And The GCC Region

We are witnessing a growing number of innovative startups in the sustainability ambit seeking funding to sustain their strategy and growth.


"We Got Funded!" UAE-Based Climatetech Startup Zeroe Raises US$2.2 Million Seed Round

Zeroe provides enterprises with tools and insights to not only understand and reduce their carbon footprint but also to align with sustainable finance frameworks.

Green Entrepreneur

6 Sustainability Strategies Every Business Leader Should Embrace

Sustainability has grown from a nice-to-have aspect of business to an essential requirement for long-term success.

Green Entrepreneur

Want to Find — and Keep — More Employees in 2024? Focus on Sustainability. Here's How.

Finding and retaining employees remains a key concern for most small businesses. Joining sustainable organizations is one (surprising) way you can more easily attract and keep workers.

Growth Strategies

Turning Climate Anxiety Into Empowerment: Advocating For A Greener World Through Creative Content Creation

Digital platforms have become hubs for creative content, enabling individuals to share personal narratives, tips for sustainable living, and the impact of climate change on people's lives.

Growing a Business

If You Want to Build the Next Patagonia, Here's What Not to Do: 'We Realized We Were Turning Everybody Off'

Fifty years in, the leaders of the lauded outdoor apparel brand have are sharing lessons in responsible business — which they say is just plain good business — for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.