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'A Serious Concern': Journalist Paints a Harrowing Picture of What's to Come With Twitter Blue After Her Account Is Cloned

Jacquelyn Melinek alleged that a Twitter account posing to be her copied all of her information — then blocked her.


Documentos filtrados muestran que Twitter ha estado dando prioridad a 35 cuentas "VIP"

Se dice que la lista incluye a diversas figuras públicas.


Twitter solo recomendará contenido de cuentas verificadas en la sección 'Para Ti'

A partir del 15 de abril, solo los usuarios con palomita azul serán recomendadas en la sección "Para Ti" de Twitter, anunció Elon Musk.


Informe: Elon Musk dice que Twitter vale menos de la mitad de lo que pagó por la red social

El empresario compró la plataforma social por un estimado de $44,000 millones de dólares.

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Twitter To Begin Removing Legacy Blue Checkmarks Next Week: The End of an Era

Those wishing to keep their blue checkmark must sign up for Twitter Blue, a contentious subscription-based program that users can opt into for $8 a month.


El departamento de relaciones públicas de Twitter ahora responde automáticamente con un emoji de caca

La batalla de Musk contra los medios de comunicación parece haber tomado un giro bastante vergonzoso.

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Twitter's PR Department Is Now Automatically Replying With a Poop Emoji

Musk's ongoing battle against the media seems to have taken a rather undignified turn.

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Man Goes Viral For Telling Job Seekers To Lie About Working For Twitter: 'Even Twitter Doesn't Know Who Works There Anymore'

One TikToker pointed out a major flaw in Twitter's dissolution of its HR department.

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A Woman Is Going Viral For Applying to Her Same Role — After Her Company Listed the Position for $90,000 More Than Her Current Salary

She owes her discovery to a new NYC salary transparency law that requires companies to post salary ranges on job postings.

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Meta Is Looking Into Building a Social Network That Sounds Very Similar to a Major App that Already Exists

Meta said it plans to pursue a social network for "sharing text updates."


"Es una larga historia": Elon Musk se disculpa públicamente con un empleado discapacitado después de discutir con él en Twitter

Un usuario (y ex empleado de Twitter) le escribió a Musk después de perder el acceso a su computadora laboral para preguntarle si todavía trabajaba para la empresa. Musk respondió como se esperaba.

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'It's a Long Story': Elon Musk Publicly Apologizes to Disabled Employee After Squabble on Twitter

A Twitter user (and a former Twitter employee) Tweeted at Musk after losing access to his work computer wondering if he was still employed. Musk responded as expected.

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Is Twitter Down Again? Links Aren't Working As Issues Pile Up for the Social Media Network

Users started reporting issues with the platform early Monday afternoon.