Los robots repartidores llegan a Japón de la mano de Uber

La empresa de delivery se asoció con Cartken y Mitsubishi Electric para llevar a cabo entregas en el país del sol naciente.

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You Can Now Have an Uber Driver Ship Pre-Paid Packages to UPS, FedEx for a $5 Flat Fee

Rejoice, lazy returners of the online shopping world.

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Uber Eats to Roll Out New Payment Options in 2024, Aiming to Enhance Access to Fresh Groceries for Vulnerable Populations

Starting in 2024, Uber Eats will allow individuals with EBT cards to use their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits to pay for grocery delivery orders.

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Lyft Is Introducing a New Feature to Make Women Feel Safer Riding In and Driving Its Cars

The feature matches riders and drivers based on gender preferences.

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Everest Fleet Raises $20 Million Funding Led By Uber

The funding will enable Everest Fleet to expand its operations and grow the overall supply pool available for the ridesharing industry where demand continues to outstrip vehicle supply

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Uber Launches 'Carshare' Service in North America Amid Expanded 'Go Green' Initiatives

The company first launched its car-sharing service in Australia last year.

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Uber Suspends Its Diversity Chief After 'Don't Call Me Karen' Session Elicits Outrage

Head of diversity Bo Young Lee led a series of discussions about race and the experiences of underrepresented groups called "Moving Forward."

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A Simple Household Chore Turned Into a Side Hustle — Now She Earns Up to $24,000 Per Month

Christian Sanya, 44, was working as a medical laboratory technologist in 2019 when she discovered a side gig that would change her life.

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Uber Is Expanding an Initiative That Will Save Riders Money — Here's Where It's Coming Next

The program, which paused in 2020, re-launched last summer.

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Gig Workers Advocate For More Safety Following Attacks on Drivers

While apps like Uber and Doordash require a myriad of personal information from their workers to ensure the safety of customers, drivers have limited knowledge of the customer.

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UAE-Based e& Invests US$400 Million To Acquire A Majority Stake In UAE-Born Careem's Super App Business

With this new investment, Careem plans to accelerate the realization of its ambitious vision to create the first "everything app" serving customers across the Middle East.

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Uber Eats Is Wiping Out 5,000 Vendors Known As 'Ghost Kitchens'. Here's Why Your Favorite Delivery Joint Could Be Axed Next.

Uber Eats currently has an estimated 40,000 ghost kitchens listed on its app.

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Uber, Lyft Drivers Are Getting Kicked Off Their Driver Apps Spontaneously

A study found that the issue impacts drivers of color more than others.

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Uber Drivers Reveal the 5 Worst Things Passengers Can Do During a Ride. You Could Be Guilty of Doing Them Without Even Realizing.

Not tipping, being rude, and adding stop-offs at drive-thrus were just some of the complaints.