Uber Is About to Send a Cartoon-Like Robot to Your Front Door

Some customers will have the option to choose robot delivery starting Monday.

Amanda Breen

As Tech Stocks Plunge, Uber Banks on a New Strategy — One in Direct Opposition to Lyft's

Uber's main competitor is taking a different approach because it faces a slightly different challenge.

Amanda Breen

You'll Soon Be Able to Order Flights Through the Uber App

The company is pilot testing new integrations in its U.K. market.

Emily Rella

Lyft Follows Uber as Both Announce New Surcharges, Fees Due to Gas Price Hikes

Both rideshare companies announced new surcharges due to increased prices on gas.

Emily Rella

'This Is About Respect': NYC to Raise Minimum Pay for Uber and Lyft Drivers, But Pushback Is Expected

The rideshare companies say state regulations will make services more expensive for customers and limit competition.

Amanda Breen

How Uber and Lyft Get Drivers on the Road on Busy Nights Like New Year's

Because they can't assign shifts to workers, ride-hailing companies use a variety of incentives to lure out their contract workers.

Lydia Belanger

Uber, Lyft Ride Prices Up 40% on Driver Shortage

Ride-hailing companies are struggling to meet demand.

Euni Han

Uber Agrees to Union For U.K. Drivers

In a landmark deal, the ride-hailing giant allows U.K. workers to join a trade union.

Euni Han

Amazon, PayPal, Uber and More: Here's What You Can Learn From These Startups That Seemed Destined to Fail

The ideas that everyone thinks will fail are often the most lucrative of all. Here's why.

Alexa Dagostino

Uber, Lyft to Share Information About Drivers Banned for Assault

The ridesharing firms are inviting other US organizations to join the Sharing Safety Program.

Stephanie Mlot