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What are some creative advertising ideas on a small budget?

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Aside from fliers, my website, Craigslist, free internet sites, etc., I can't find any good ways to generate new sales leads. I run a guitar lesson business where teachers go to students' homes.
I got some thoughts on this one. Before I begin to throw out ideas, I'm going to challenge you to start taking the time to do activities that will help you get your own creative juices flowing.

Here are a couple of sites where you can "practice" and get your mind into thinking outside the box:

There are tons of great sites beyond those to get your muse working fast and furious. Many of them are free, some require some investment.

Here's my point: You have the creativity within you, go let it loose. If you have everyone else doing your thinking, you'll cheat yourself of all the genius ideas that live within you.

Now as far as suggestions are concerned, it so happens that Entrepreneur has a great article on what paths you can pursue to come up with some great ideas for "creative marketing."

Here's a link to the article:

I'm not trying to avoid giving out ideas that are creative, so here's one: Get to your local shopping mall and do a show, then bring someone up that you can teach right there on stage in a short amount of time. Get a smile out of them, then invite everyone else to inquire on your model of how your instructors go to them at home. When I played music this was how we got gigs. We'd play just about anywhere to get attention then we'd offer services--got gigs let me tell ya.

It is very important to invest the time in your own mind to be able to find quiet time and quiet space to be with you, so you can rouse your muse, and get some really great ideas coming out of your own creativity. If you're in music, you have that in there...somewhere...go find it.

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