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8 Startup Events and News to Watch This Week

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's latest album gets scrutinized, enters the phablet market, the offers up Obamacare enrollment data, SCORE dishes out tips from SCORE, hosts Meetup + Pitch-off, a with Henry Blodget…This week's news and for entrepreneurs:
Lady Gaga's latest album cover

1. Gaga's latest gets tested: Lady Gaga's latest album, “Artpop,” by Interscope Records is expected to hit the market this week. How it will perform is anybody's guess -- especially after the performer reportedly cut ties with her long-time manager and tech investor Troy Carter.

2. Supersized smartphones: Just in time for Thanksgivingukkah, Nokia is expected to enter the "phablet" market this week with a new lower priced device. The move is seen as a direct shot against Samsung, the current phablet leader. 

3. A window into Obamacare: The White House plans to offer a first peek at health care exchange enrollment data this week. In testimony before congress, Marilyn B. Tavenner, the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service, said the administration projected to sign up 800,000 people by the end of November and seven million by March 31. 

4. Protect your IP: At this SCORE event, an intellectual property attorney will walk you through the importance of protecting your property and some of the major issues facing small businesses and digital IP. (Washington D.C., Nov 12)

5. Meet up, pitch off: TechCrunch is hosting a Meetup + Pitch-Off event where entrepreneurs can engage in a “battle to the death” 60 second pitch competition (I think they’re kidding about the death part). Whether you are a startup, investor or dreamer, you’re welcome to the free beer, food and good company. (Boston, Nov 13)

6. Henry Blodget in depth: This PandoMonthly event features Business Insider CEO and co-founder Henry Blodget. Here about what all the buzz is about. (, Nov 14)

7. All about mobile: The New York University’s Stern Center for Business Analytics will co-host an event dubbed Mapping Mobile. Geared toward marketing professionals and academics, expect to hear from high-level speakers including giants the likes of , Mercedes-Benz USA, Time Inc., Columbia Business School. (New York, Nov 15)

8. A 'Culture Safari' in LA: The Foresight and Trends conference is all about getting out of the boardroom and into the real world. This conference uses a unique approach to help teach “exactly how to synthesize visionary knowledge and make it commercially relevant for you and your business.” (Los Angeles, Nov. 13 - 15)

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