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Calculate Your SXSW ROI (Interactive Infographic)

Calculate Your SXSW ROI (Interactive Infographic)
Image credit: Marlon Giles

Want to get the most out of SXSW? The event's blur of activities can make you wonder where the time goes. That's where this interactive infographic can give you better insight into whether you're making the most out of every moment. Just enter the hours you sat in panels, waited in line or scarfed down yummy things like BBQ and breakfast tacos. The tool crunches the numbers to reveal insights such as whether you need to get more sleep, find yourself a food truck -- or remember to actually make it to the convention center. It also provides a rough sense for the true cost of your time. Your data is added to data input from other users, to give a bigger picture for how you far compared to other respondents.

The interactive infographic is the brainchild of 10,000ft, a planning tool created by a Seattle startup to help teams get better insight into managing teams and projects. 

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Calculate Your SXSW ROI (Interactive Infographic)