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7 Ways to Leverage an App's Press Coverage with Investors

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Impressing and convincing venture capitalists to invest is an important step for any app developer. If the app has been covered in prestigious tech and business publications, these mentions can establish credibility with potential investors.

Here are seven methods for leveraging an app's coverage in helpful and organic ways when connecting with VCs:

1. Bring articles to VC meetings. Print out press coverage and include it with the overall information packet given to investors. Turn press mentions into a nicely formatted PDF, complete with media logos, headlines and content. Make it easy for VCs to open the coverage on a tablet so they can peruse during in-person meetings or remote conversations.

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2. Put links in email signatures. Include a line at the end like "As seen on XYZ" with a link to the story about the app.

3. Populate your press page. Especially if the app has been receiving a good amount of coverage, have a page wholly dedicated to press mentions on the website. Populate this page with the logos and links to these prominent publications. This page is the place to direct VCs and other interested parties curious about how well the app has been received.

4. Include coverage in your email newsletter. Include a summary or excerpt in addition to a link to the full article, so even those just skimming the newsletter will see the app's rave reviews.

5. Send targeted emails or LinkedIn messages. Send out a personal email or LinkedIn message to give the VCs a heads-up about the coverage.

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Targeting the right people when sharing good news is a smart way to open the conversation to broader topics of funding and how these VCs can be part of the company's bright future. If the company is a startup, target VCs or angel investors that specialize in early-stage companies. If the company is further along, look for VCs who focus on larger investments and more mature companies.

Additionally, spread outreach to VCs among multiple cities: New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

6. Connect with angels on AngelList and at local meetups. Create a profile on AngelList and don't be afraid to tag specific angels with whom the company is interested in working.

At in-person hackathons, meetups and other industry-specific networking events, consider using a digital business card to connect faster with new contacts. Within that card, include links to prominent media coverage, so new contacts can quickly see what the app is all about.

7. Incorporate press coverage into investor presentations. Coverage by top-tier outlets can really take presentations to the next level and show interested investors the company has legitimacy. Add relevant press mentions into the slide deck used during investor presentations, and utilize pull quotes from the articles to demonstrate the buzz around the app.

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