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8 Great SXSW Panels for Entrepreneurs

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With literally thousands of official (and unofficial) things to do, South By Southwest can seem a little overwhelming. But we've done some of the hard work for you, in finding panels perfect for entrepreneurs looking for tips, tricks and strategies for success. 

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Friday, March 13

Jedi Mind Tricks For Entrepreneurs (Friday, March 13)

Although you won't learn how to use the Force, presenter Nicole Glaros will offer tips on how to create the right environment and how to use the proper language to get exactly what you want out of any given situation. 

Unicorn #2: How Entrepreneurs Choose the Next Idea

What happens after you get find your great idea? That's the idea behind this panel, which will explore how entrepreneurs move on from their first success and create a second (and third and fourth) startup. The panel itself will consist of several "serial entrepreneurs" giving the audience a two-minute pitch for their first idea, followed by a two-minute pitch for their most recent idea. A 30-minute Q&A will follow, allowing you to pick the brains of everyone involved.

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Saturday, March 14

Pardon the Disruption: Steve Case on Entrepreneurs

Sometimes, all you need in a great SXSW panel is the chance to sit in the room with a great expert. Revolution CEO Steve Case is a compelling figure for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. The panel description promises to explore entrepreneurship as an "American imperative" and how it's up to startups to help save the American economy and infrastructure. Prepare to get inspired.

The Future Role of Tech in Dining and Food

It's only appropriate that a city like Austin play host to panel dedicated to its strengths: food and tech. Tools like social media have transformed how restaurants get feedback from their diners and mobile technologies are making processes like ordering and payments invisible and seamless. Famed chef David Chang of Momufuko holds court at this panel with The Awl’s Matt Buchanan to re-examine how we interact with and consume food.  

What It Really Takes to Win in Business

A little showmanship never hurts, especially when it pits big personalities like venture capitalist Gary Vaynerchuk and former GE CEO Jack Welch into what’s being called the "The Brawl in Hall 5." Together, they’ll share their vastly different backgrounds and tell you how to learn from their success. Vaynerchuk is a SXSW veteran and either could command a panel on their own, but together the two could be compelling.

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Sunday, March 15

Sex, Drugs and Bitcoin: Vice vs Virtue Investing

With a name like that, how could you resist? This panel will explore the darker side of entrepreneurship, promising brutally honest talk about everything from Bitcoin to the business of Internet pornography. It could be a ride worth taking for those afraid of a walk on the wild side.

Monday, March 16

Logan Green's Keynote Speech

Lyft CEO Logan Green gives a keynote this year. He’ll speak about his journey so far and his continuing vision of the on-demand business ecosystem. Given Lyft’s rocky expansion and the importance of this sector, any shared lessons learned could be compelling.

A Must for Startups: 10 Tips About Law Enforcement

Every company needs to protect itself but knowing how isn’t always clear. This panel will familiarize attendees with common law enforcement strategies, and educate them on when to push back and when to cooperate. It may not be the lightest subject matter on the schedule, but it also sounds like the kind best learned from informed experts, not experience.

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