Microsoft's HoloLens Developer Edition Is Now Up For Sale

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Microsoft has made the developer version of its HoloLens AR headset available to more people now, meaning you don’t need to apply as a developer to purchase it. All you need is a Microsoft account, and US$3000.

Microsoft HoloLens

AR (augmented reality) is pretty different than VR (virtual reality), as it places digital objects in the real world, as opposed to taking the user to a virtual world, and AR is what the HoloLens does best. HoloLens specializes in AR technologies that map out the environment and allows the user to interact with digital objects by using gestures. Microsoft will also be working on a new OS for HoloLens called the Windows Holographic, which will pair with the spatial audio to make the experience more immersive.

Image credit: Microsoft.

As of now, you can only get the development edition, which often looks a lot different than the final consumer edition, and it's safe to say it might have all the bugs of any experimental product. Anyone can get the HoloLens, but Microsoft intends to sell the headset to developers and business clients, not consumers. When you try to purchase it, you have to acknowledge the following, "I understand HoloLens Development Edition is intended for developers -not consumers- and experiences are in English only. Additionally, I acknowledge there are no refunds available on the HoloLens Development edition."

Although the HoloLens is now available for everyone, it costs a lot more than consumer VR headsets. It costs $3000, as opposed to other VR headsets like the Oculus Rift that costs $600, HTC Vive $799, and PlayStation VR $399.

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