How Great Design Outcomes Happen

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As entrepreneurs, many of you often dabble with questions like how can I become a popular brand? What will bring value to my brand? How can I go global?


To start from the start, entrepreneurs go to the market not with a brand, but with an idea. A product design really is an idea that can be so soulful and personal and yet it can be something that envelopes the sensitivities of the consumer. In this month's issue, we bring you some vivid examples of Indian origin designed products that that have become brand names—from Avanti to Good Earth to Chota Bheem.

These top minds in the businesses share their journey from visualizing the product to building a brand and along the way how they have managed to democratize it for its services. While putting together this issue, whether we spoke to designer turned entrepreneurs or business leaders with design focus, our larger learning from them was that building a brand is part culture, part product and part audience and it evolves with the growth of your company.

The issue also looks into some life lessons from our very own Paralympians. Their life and commitment is lesson for everyone out there, on how to beat dilemmas and contradictions in a race to be an equitable sporting authority. Despite the physical, sponsorship and competitive challenges, these Paralympians are heroes that have won the war and fostered an environment of acceptance and inclusion in India.

In October 2016, the biggest business and franchise event unfolded in its 14th year at Franchise India 2016 and it was awe–inspiring to be a part of it. Though risk and optimism are the hallmarks of an entrepreneur, but what is important is that risk can be minimized and often avoided with intelligent upfront selection of the right business. Therefore, relevance of franchising and its power to leverage entrepreneurial resources to build scalable business in India is the highest ever today.

A true business feast for entrepreneurs and franchising industry with 500 + viable business ownership opportunities, nearly 37,000 prospective business owners and entrepreneurs from throughout India and brands from over 11 countries across the globe came together at the biggest event at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on October15-16. We have tried to capture some glimpses of the mega show and the startup summit in this issue, in case you missed to be part of it.

This article first appeared in the Indian edition of Entrepreneur magazine (November 2016 Issue).