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Business News

A Tribute to the Man Who Bought Entrepreneur Magazine Out of Bankruptcy Almost 40 Years Ago

Peter Shea raised the magazine's circulation 82% in just a couple years, according to the L.A. Times. He passed away in September.

Growing a Business

Want to Do Better Work? Just Start Saying This One Word More.

It's not easy, but it's the key to each new accomplishment.


The New Era of Consumer Culture

How D2C Founders Are Adapting Their Business To Meet Customers Where They Are Now and Where They Will Be Tomorrow


The She Power

Women are a powerful force to drive the startup economy


Passing The Torch (It's Not The Entrepreneurial Failure You Might Think It To Be)

While it might seem like a founder needs to be the CEO of the venture they create, that is absolutely not the case.


The Startup Nation

The chutzpah of youth is driving India's economic miracle.


Haters Gonna Hate. (But Not Everyone Is A Hater Either.)

As entrepreneurs, there's really a lot that can be said about you and your businesses in terms of how you respond to criticism on those two factors- and that, by itself, should make you reconsider how you go about doing just that.


Put In The Hard Yards: Bragging Rights Should Be Earned

Celebrate your small wins- just don't make them bigger than they actually are.


Mistakes Are A Part Of Any Innovator's Journey- Let's Simply Not Make Them The End Of It

It's one thing to state that something displeases us; it's another thing altogether to call fire and fury on it to show our distaste.

Growing a Business

Listen Closely to What People Ask You. That's Where to Find Your Hidden Power.

When people ask questions, they're revealing what your value is to them.

Growth Strategies

Call A Spade A Spade: Meting Out A Valid Criticism Does Not Make You Disloyal To The Spirit Of Entrepreneurship

Just because you are sharing an "unpopular opinion" doesn't mean you are in the wrong. Often, it may put you in the position of being the only right one.


Creativity Breeds Community

Creative is a skill, not a mindset


The Nays Have It: Passing On An "Opportunity" Isn't Always A Bad Idea

More often than not, we say yes to things purely out of fear that missing out on them will cost us, without bothering to consider the cost we are going to pay by taking on these endeavors in the first place.


A New Roadmap

Are VCs changing their narrative from growth to profitability