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Watch Live to Learn About the Underrated Platform That Could Massively Grow Your Audience

It's time to look beyond Google and Facebook.

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While most companies look to Google search and Facebook to draw visitors to their site, they are missing out on an underrated, and often less competitive, platform to drive people to their site: Pinterest.

Too often, people think of Pinterest as a traditional social media platform, where people just comment on with pins people have posted. But according to Pinterest expert Melyssa Griffin, businesses can use it to actually attract new customers to their site -- they  just need to know the right strategies.

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The site, mostly known for its recipe-swapping-home-drooling posts, is actually an amazing tool for search. “Pinterest is a search engine, more akin to Google than anything else,” she says. “And when you start thinking of Pinterest as a search engine, then the strategies you use to get results will completely change”

Image credit: Melyssa Griffin

Indeed, Griffin is considered a Pinterest powerhouse, helping many businesses grow using the platform. “I've helped my students get a ridiculous amount of traffic from Pinterest, even in niches like law, pets, sewing, business strategy, and more,” she says. “In fact, Pinterest is one of my biggest sources of traffic.”

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Griffin is also an experienced mentor. By offering an extensive library of free resources and courses, she has connected with 200,000 entrepreneurs. In a Facebook Live this Tuesday, Griffin, will connect with us. She’ll provide advice to side hustlers, including myself, on how to use Pinterest to massively grow their  audiences. Specifically, she'll show us:

  • Why you should use Pinterest now, debunking common myths and misconceptions.
  • How to create content that’s shareable, searchable and that will attract people to your site.
  • How to optimize your Pinterest account and content, including tips on how to automate everything.

Tune in on Aug. 15 at 1 p.m. ET for the Facebook Live.

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