#7 Ways to Stay Self-motivated Despite Failures

Every small success needs to be converted into a positive reference, no matter how small it may be

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Success can never be achieved till the demon called “FAILURE” is conquered. The development of the human race is built on the foundation of failures or else we would still be living in “stone age”, let alone bronze or Iron Age. The first-ever lesson that humanity must have learnt is from a toddler, who is very eager to walk, but falls every time before taking the first few steps. But its ability to BOUNCE BACK and persistence makes him walk after numerous failed attempts.


Persistence is the key, which will help you rebut failures and devise strategies to overcome them. With persistence will come opportunities, workarounds, which will help you achieve your goals and bring new light in the dark recesses of failure.

Ways to Stay Motivated and Focused

Success only comes to those who have tasted and bounced back from the bitter experience of failure. So, if you know what makes you click or what is your motivation trigger, then you can actually have a new beginning at any point of your life. If you are depressed, think about your loved one’s as you will always be a loved member of your family and their happiness will be a motivating factor for you to begin with.

Create SMART Goals and Stick to Them: A practical goal has to be created by you so that it doesn’t overwhelm you and develop a reminder mechanism which reminds you of your goals so that you are not deviated from your path to success.

Keep Good Company of People Around You: You are an average of five people who you associate with. So if you are in the company of people who have a positive attitude, then that attitude will automatically rub on to you, vice-versa. The right kind of people will share your values and will keep you motivated towards your goal which will ultimately transform into success.

Handhold Others: Goal achievement is undoubtedly a key motivator, if you have people who are directly linked to your goals, then helping them will lead to the achievement of your goals also. Imagine a sales team you may be heading if you help your team member to achieve his/her target it will add to your tally at the end of the day.

Enjoy your success: Every small success needs to be converted into a positive reference, no matter how small it may be. These positive references will be a motivating factor for you in life and will be instrumental in achieving your ultimate goal. If you can go into a shell because of small failures, then you should also shine in the glory of small successes.

Avoid Comparing Results: Every human being has his or her metric of success, so if you compare their success or happiness quotient then you may end up being disappointed on various occasions. Like if a marketing person starts comparing the incentives with that of a sales person then it may spell doom for him/her.

Take a Break: One has to take breaks in life to see where their life is headed to, a birds-eye view is necessary to take a stock of situation to plan ahead accordingly.

Books are your best friend: Read as much as you can, if you are reading motivational books or autobiographies of successful individuals, then you will come to notice that failure has been the stepping stone of their success. Successful individuals have this quality of turning around the negative instances into positive ones, just by their sheer will power. Read Shrimad Bhagavad Gita – it will be a life changing experience if you can implement the teachings in your life.