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3 Podcasts You Should Definitely Listen to Less and 2 You Should Check Out

Many podcasts blur into a white noise of conventional wisdom, but there is still much worth listening to.

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It's 2017 and the media landscape is changing. According to various polls, trust in traditional media outlets is at an all-time low with both younger and older Americans leading the charge.

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It's an era when increasingly diverse viewpoints and different forms of media are making waves. And, it's hard to find a better example of this than the podcast. You no longer need to be attached to a major mainstream network to have your voice heard. Virtually anyone can have his or her own following. Some popular shows have millions of fans now. With that said, not every podcast is created equal.

There are many podcasts about entrepreneurship or self-improvement that are considered top notch, but the reality is some of those may not resonate well with you, and thus don’t provide any genuine value for you. Just because many people are listening to a particular podcast doesn't mean you should be listening as well. Why? Maybe I just don't like being a follower. You end up thinking about things the same way everyone else does and that doesn’t always lead to success.

Furthermore, podcasts that are often considered underground or weird frequently provide some of the best information, inspiration or career advice. They often focus more on what happens in the real world and how to enhance your life or work by implementing valuable tips and tricks.

With all of that in mind, here are three podcasts you should consider listening to less because they may not be providing as much value as what you can find elsewhere. And, for a change of pace, I’ve included two additional quality podcasts I’ve enjoyed that can really change your life or career for the better if you listen to them. Again, what follows is my opinion, and may not feel exactly right for you. But, if you're looking to diversify your podcast intake, these are a good start. Listen to these podcasts less:

1. The Action Catalyst

Self-help commercialized content is what you'll find here. This broadcast offers tips and tricks that can lead you to success.

Rory Vaden hosts the show. He’s the author of Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success. From my perspective, the broadcast comes across as a little too derivative. It's filled with material that's been said a million times before in many self-help books and podcasts out there. It's a bit generic and may lead you to search elsewhere for something more helpful.

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2. BBC Business Daily

This podcast, and many others like it, is helpful for staying up to date about business events around the globe, but it might not do much for your personal or entrepreneurial growth.

Staying informed is important in life, but it may not be something you need to be listening to a podcast for. After all, you can track all of these events on various portals online. Doing that will generally ensure you'll have more free time to devote to things like work or learning.

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3. Smart Passive Income

This podcast will give you an idea of how to increase profits using marketing, blogging and lifestyle hacks. The host of the podcast is Pat Flynn. While Flynn is good at this, he may not be the right fit if you're looking for something beyond marketing and blogging. He also tends to give rather standard marketing tips and tricks that can be found all over the Internet. That's why I encourage you to devote time to other shows.

Passive income is also a bit of an overused term I'm not too fond of. One of the reasons why this podcast gets a lot of attention is that so many people are interested in making money without expending much effort. Newsflash: That doesn't work.

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Start Listening To:

With the free time you'll have as a result of dropping lackluster podcasts in your life, I suggest you start listening to both of the following uplifting podcasts.

1. Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People

This features interesting stories from ordinary people and is hosted by Chris Gethard. Every week he opens the phone lines on his show to random individuals that share their amazing life stories.

What you'll find here is comedy, weird confessions, philosophical discussions and inspiring life journeys. The best thing about it is the realness. There are no frills and it works. If you're a student of life and people, this is a good podcast for you.

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2. TED Radio Hour

If you're a TED Talks fan, then you'll most likely enjoy this. Guy Raz hosts this podcast and he offers life-changing talks and makes invaluable assumptions. He knows how to be engaging, gives some of the best advice and speaks about a different theme in each episode.

It’s amazing how this podcast can really change your life and overall outlook. The discussions are real and all of the video material is available on their portal. Give it a try!

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