"I Will Put Indian Film Industries Under One Umbrella"

Producer-Director Sohan Roy feels India is nowhere close to Hollywood in terms of revenue generation. However he has hope.

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The Indian filmmaking business is much more than the chiffon sarees and romantic dance performances around trees.

With over 1500 films produced in more than 20 languages hitting the box office every year, India is the largest movie producer in the world. And yet, domesticly the benefit such extensive film production benefits are yet to be reaped.

With nearly 40 per cent market share worldwide and about 10-film production hubs, India is supposed to dominate and monopolize, instead, the domestic industry is dying, says Producer-Director Sohan Roy.

An example of this is the exit of one of the most world's prestigious studios, Walt Disney Co, that shut shop & subsequently cease its India-based film production business.

He feels India is nowhere close to Hollywood in terms of revenue generation. However he has hope.

Two years ago, Indian films were earning about $50 million per film. This year, blockbusters such as Baahubali and Dangal have garnered nearly $300 million.

"We have the potential to penetrate into the international market with high-end film production but we have no center-point controlled system to run the filmmaking business currently," says Roy.

With an agenda to change the how the domestic industry operates, Roy along with other producers has embarked on a movement he calls Project Indywood - a $10 billion project that aims to unite all Indian regional film industries under one umbrella.

The idea of the project is to bridge the gap between the local and international market which would open new doors for international investments and trade says Roy.

He wants people to experience movies instead of watching them and hence, apart from setting up high-end screens, most of which will be equipped with 8K technology, Roy is anticipating to set up integrated dubbing centers.

With such systems, movies can be dubbed into 100 different local and international languages and the content can be distributed across the globe. This will also improve the reach of the movie thus increasing the film's revenue.

Roy believes Project Indywood could grow film industry's revenue by ten folds.

To hear from Sohan Roy about Project Indywood, watch the video and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

(Interview by Aashika Jain)

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