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Daymond John Is on a Mission to Help Heroes

The Shark has teamed up with Bob Evans Farms to provide much-needed cash and advice to veteran entrepreneurs.


If you are veteran who owns a business, ask yourself this: Would I like a $25,000 grant, a trip to New York City and a face-to-face mentoring session with Daymond "The People's Shark" John?

The Shark Group

If you answered yes, read on.

Bob Evans Farms has launched their second-annual Heroes to CEOs program, which will award three veteran-owned businesses all of the above. Get your application here.  Registration is open May 22 through June 27, 2018.

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Daymond swung by Entrepreneur's office in New York City to discuss the program and why it means so much for him to be part of it. Read this excerpt from the interview, and listen to the entire conversation on an upcoming episode of  Entrepreneur's How Success Happens podcast.

Why is it important for you to work with these men and women?

I've always been passionate about helping others and this hits various different areas that I value, including the people who have protected us and continue to protect us. And on Shark Tank, I give up my money and I have to take a percentage of the business. But with this, they're getting much-needed cash without anyone taking a percentage. I think it's all around just an amazing program.

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This is your second year being involved with this program. What have you learned about veterans that separates them from other entrepreneurs?

I learned that they use a lot of the practices that they had in the field for getting things done one way or another. They're not the type of people who would just lay back and go, "I hope somebody will help me this." They're very assertive and have a very tight community. And in business, the only thing that is more important than the number is the person. In their prior life in the military, they were not selfish at all. They didn't care about what's in it for them. They were fighting for us. And they're running their business with the same mentality -- what's in it for the person that they are serving. And because of that, they grow very, very fast.

What is your mentor session like?

They sit with me for a couple hours and we powwow about hopefully how they can improve their business. Of course, I end up learning probably more from them than they learned from me.

To apply for the Heroes to CEOs award, visit here.












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