Four Practical Communication Tips To Remember This Ramadan

Four Practical Communication Tips To Remember This Ramadan
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As work gears into a slower mode during Ramadan, this Islamic holy month provides the ideal time to assess and enhance your relationship with others. And contrary to popular belief -or the number of reckless drivers you see right before Maghrib prayers- people are generally more patient and helpful, given the altruistic nature of Ramadan. So how can you make the most out of a month when people are receptive and benevolent? Here are four practical communication tips to remember this Ramadan.

1. Reinforce relationships interpersonally

The holiest and most charitable month of the Islamic lunar calendar creates a heightened feeling of self-awareness; you intrinsically find yourself shifting your focus on your character, your morals and your contribution to the community. Multiply this by the number of people around you, and you find yourself surrounded by people aiming to be and do good. Engage with people at this state, and you’ll have an easier time either enhancing or laying the foundation for strong relationships through unadulterated personal interactions that are deep and meaningful. Important reminder: personal interactions mean unassisted (technological or otherwise) face-to-face conversations.

2. Be considerate to those who are fasting

Unfortunately, there’s just one annoying side effect to face-to-face communication during fasting hours that you’ll need to get used to. One of the most common reasons for halitosis is decreased saliva production. Your body produces saliva as it chews to aid the digestion process. In the absence of chewing food and drinking water while fasting, you produce less saliva, therefore allowing more bacteria to breed in your mouth, which in turn causes halitosis. Couple this with the fact that the flow of saliva almost stops during sleep, and you have a nuclear recipe for bad breath first thing in the morning. Sadly, there’s no sure way around this one. Gurgling water provides some relief, but my advice is to just tolerate it and not let it impact your judgment of yourself and others.

3. Schedule important meetings after the noon prayer

Here’s one of the best decision-making hacks for Ramadan: if you have an important decision to take, or to be made, schedule team meetings directly after noon prayers. Praying is another form of guided meditation. Along with the movements performed, worshippers clear their minds and energize their bodies, meaning that they return to work with life breathed back into them! This mind frame is ripe for an effective decision-making process.

4. Major decisions are often made informally during Ramadan

Speaking of decisions, Ramadan provides a unique social platform that is appropriate for business to be conducted while enhancing and building relations. Enter the Ramadan Majlis. Not only limited to hotels, many citizens and residents base them at home. Most of them don’t even require an invitation, you just drop by. More importantly, hierarchies do not exist at a Ramadan Majlis; executives and junior staff members leave their titles behind. This setting allows for informal interactions between guests and an opportune time to discuss business matters and make important decisions.

In conclusion, Ramadan has a divine rub off effect to reshape relationships. Don’t let this month pass you by without reassessing your relationships with others and applying these tips to become a better communicator.

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