A Month of Many Firsts

At Entrepreneur Media, as we are launching our own new startups, our fears and joys are no different than yours.

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I am glad to share that we are releasing our very first Startups edition in September 2019, our global magazine franchise that gives you insights into new-age entrepreneurs, emerging industries, young founders and their thought leadership on business ideas and enterprise. I trust that many readers will see themselves in these first-person accounts because they speak to the emotional roller-coaster ride of owning a business. It is the very same ride—the highs and lows that frame them together— all entrepreneurs, across sectors and enterprises.


This issue offers you some brilliant stories like the growing trends and opportunities in the cannabis business, celebration of the co-working movement and what lies ahead in India’s electric vehicle revolution.

A good conversation beats a great press release any day of the year. The mention-worthy stories are rarely revealed through e-mails or brief phone calls. Rather, they come across over coffee conversations about what got you going. We are delighted to launch our new video series on SuperStar Entrepreneurs who are young start-up founders building tomorrow’s big enterprises as they share their personal reflections and confessions about their joys, fears, successes, failures, insecurities and triumphs on the way towards building their businesses. Reach out to me if you would like to join us in our SuperStar series and share your journey towards success.

To those of you who have started a new business or are contemplating to join the bandwagon of entrepreneurship, we have the most perfect place for you to get your act together and find what the next course of action could be. I would like to invite you to our conference Startup Summit 2019 on October 12 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Over 500 like-minded start-ups at the summit are sure to allay your fears from what is holding you back from that next big leap. With a simple thought that entrepreneurs can best help and train other entrepreneurs, Startup Summit provides the ideal platform where you unlearn, relearn, pitch your idea to investors and simultaneously meet big and small business owners in your industry to make your product development more market-worthy. More details are available at https://www.entrepreneurindia.com/summit/delhi/

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Editor in Chief

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