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#19: Global Pacific Produce Inc.

Building a company on a time-tested philosophy: The customer is always right

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Company: Global Pacific Produce Inc., a Henderson, Nevada, fresh produce exporter and importer

Founder: Chris Kilvington, 38

Began: January 2000

2001 Sales: $7.3 million

When did you know that you had made it?

Chris Kilvington: I don't think one can ever say that they have made it. You are only as good as your last delivery and how your customers perceive you.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Kilvington: Convincing the retail trade that we are different from the rest of the industry and that the customer is always right. Our industry is production-led and not consumer-focused. We are.

Can you offer some business advice?

Kilvington: Have clearly defined goals, clear communication of what those goals are, and be prepared to work harder than any of the people working for you. Think through your strategy, be prepared to evolve your strategy--but once decided, stick to your strategy.

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