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David Robson

David Robson is a feature writer for BBC, covering brains, medicine, language and technology.

Sleep Habits

The Do's and Don'ts for Restful Sleep

From eating 'slumber foods' to playing the didgeridoo, a look at the tried and tested ways to get a good night's sleep.

Can You Learn in Your Sleep?

Sleep learning used to be a pipe dream. Now neuroscientists say they have found ways to enhance your memory with your eyes closed.

The Surprising Downsides of Being Clever

Can a high IQ be a burden rather than a boon?

The Hidden Tricks of Powerful Persuasion

Are we always in control of our minds? It's surprisingly easy to plant ideas in peoples' heads without them realizing.

How Your Face Betrays Your Personality and Health

We are more than just a pretty face. The shape, size and even color of our looks can relay hidden secrets about our personalities, health and sexuality.