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What do Tupac and Dave Matthews Have in Common?

A wide diversity of musical masterpieces all found their power in this one piece of tech: the SSL mixing console.
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Meet 12 Young Founders Who Are Disrupting the Way Business Is Done

Their innovative ideas are changing their industries - and making serious money.
Young Millionaires

3 Lessons on Launching From 3 Young, Early-Stage Founders

They know how to harness ideas - and fearlessly take action.
Real Entrepreneurs

Covid Sucks. Here's What This Entrepreneur Is Doing to Make Schools Safe.

A conversation with the CEO of a company that makes disinfection tech for the classroom.
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How a Box of Girl Scout Cookies Inspired a Business Dedicated to Helping Food Allergy Sufferers Stay Safe While Snacking

The founder of food allergy resource Spokin explains the launch and growth of her website and app.

8 Kobe Quotes That Will Challenge Your Views on Competition, Leadership and Death

The NBA legend's words and wisdom remain as relevant as ever.

Lights, Camera, Disinfectant! Creating Great Content With Kevin Hart, Demi Lovato and Blake Griffin in the Age of Covid-19.

Here's how production company OBB Media is rising to the creative challenge of creating content in the pandemic.
TiE Global Summit

PM Modi To Share The Innovation Agenda At TiE Global Summit

The summit will focus on issues faced by entrepreneurs and provide a platform for funding
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This Mask-Launching Gun Video Has 1.5 Million Views on YouTube

Check out this steampunk-style launcher that blasts coronavirus-prevention right onto people's faces.

Study Shows Public School Students Do Better Than Private School Students in College Admission to Top US Universities

US public school students were admitted to top universities at a higher rate than private school students over the last two admissions cycles
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Apple Sues Small Business With Pear Logo Because 'People Can Get Confused'

Users are furious at Apple's attitude toward the five-employee company.
News and Trends

Russia Claims It Has the World's First Coronavirus Vaccine

The vaccine has not completed clinical trials but President Putin says it works 'quite effectively.'

The Unicorns Of Tomorrow Will Be Built Remotely

As we face a global pandemic, the trend towards remote work is accelerating even faster as companies scramble to adapt to the situation
Entrepreneur Awards

Entrepreneur Awards 2020: And the Winner Is...

Adapting to the changes, Entrepreneur India held its 10th annual edition of the Entrepreneur 2020 Conference and Awards online with the theme, 'Entrepreneurship in the Digital Era'
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Streetwear Culture Goes to the Dogs

When the founder of Fresh Pawz couldn't find clothes and gear he actually wanted to buy for his dog, a company was born.