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The Start-Up Gold Rush

The festival-style event also witnessed the launch of the most celebrated Entrepreneurs 35Under 35 Class of 2022.

F1 Delta Time, one of the first NFT games, has shut down

Launched three years ago, the game announced its closure due to the fact that it could not renew the licensing deal with Formula 1.

General Motors and Honda create alliance to produce millions of electric cars

The alliance will help the two companies meet the goal of achieving carbon neutrality in their products and operations.

Mixed martial arts athlete Yaroslav Amosov recovers his championship belt from the rubble in Irpin, Ukraine

The belt that accredits the athlete's championship was protected by his mother in a bomb shelter.

Faced with the shortage of electronic components Lada, the Russian car brand, will return to manufacture mechanical vehicles

A Croatian media outlet assures that the lack of semiconductors and electronic components forces the company to manufacture its cars they way it did in the 1990s.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the young billionaire who wants to donate his fortune

The founder of the cryptocurrency exchange platform wants to donate much of what he has earned to altruistic causes. Do you already know his story?

The Experimental Entrepreneur

RutvikLokhande recently sold his first company at the age of 21. Currently, he is a partner at Collabtribe, an experimental marketing firm based out of Mumbai, India

Burger King is sued for misleading advertising on the size of its products

It is not the first time it happens. False advertising seems to be a common practice among fast food chains.

An Austin entrepreneur creates a subdivision on an island in the metaverse and sells the lots in the millions

The project is built on the NFTWorlds platform and promises an interactive experience for users through the Minecraft engine.

The entrepreneur who gave away subs when his team became champion, loses everything during a fire and receives massive support from the community

A fire swept through the San Juan de Dios market in Guadalajara, destroying hundreds of stores. Don Chava's was one of them.

He is La'ebb, the mascot of the Qatar 2022 World Cup

He is inspired by a traditional garment and comes from a parallel universe called the "mascotverse", the metaverse of mascots.

The use of face masks is no longer mandatory in open spaces in Mexico City

The numbers of infections and deaths from COVID-19 are at a historic low in Mexico City since the pandemic began.

This is "Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King" the Netflix documentary that portrays the life and mysterious death of a crypto scammer

Netflix tells the story of Gerald Cotten and his company, QuadrigaCX in a documentary about scammers. This time the cryptocurrencies are lead characters....

These are thegroups for the World Cup in Qatar 2022

The draw was held at the Doha City Convention Center in an emotionally charged atmosphere.