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Visa creates program to help content creators to develop NFT's

The launches a global program to prepare artists in an immersive one-year program.

Chinese startup Nreal secures funding for its AR-glasses

Alibaba, the e-commerce giant, is among the companies that will contribute funding and has its sighs on the metaverse.

One in four people in America don't know what an NFT is

Non-fungible tokens seem to be everywhere, but do you know what they are and how they work? If you answered no, don't worry, you're not alone.

Three books Bill Gates recommends you read

The businessman and long-time richest man in the world is a huge fan of reading. He recently recommended these three books. Have you already read any?

Chris Rock sells out his show and talks (briefly) about Will Smith's assault

The actor and comedian returned to the stage and made a brief mention of the most famous slap in the history of the Oscar.

Gobillion: Powering Social Commerce in India's Small Towns

Gobillion, a social commerce startup, is on a mission to make e-commerce accessible to the next 500 million customers in tier II cities in India

Providing Retailers A Technology Platform: The Unicommerce Growth Story

Unicommerce is poised to address a global retail SaaS market with an addressable market worth US$18 billion as of 2020, which is estimated to grow to US$41 billion by 2025.

Kim Kardashian says her statements about working women were taken out of context, Variety journalist responds

The celebrity said, "I have the best advice for women in business: Get your butt up and work. Nobody seems to want to work these days."

Do you want to open a business? See how much it costs to do it at the new airport in Mexico City

Beyond being able to pay the rent of the premises at the Felipe √Āngeles International Airport (AIFA), it is necessary to go through a contest, where the winner is the one who presents the best economic and business proposal.

Why are Indian startup owners migrating to Chile?

For some entrepreneurs from India, the Andean country is ideal for launching into the US market, although others prefer to stay in Latin America.

NFT Game Cross the Ages Raises $12 Million in Round Backed by Ubisoft and Animoca

This is a seed round that seeks to promote the growth of this collectible card game, both physical and NFT.