Joanna Swash

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Writer
Group CEO of Moneypenny

Joanna Swash is the CEO of Moneypenny, which supports companies with outsourced phone answering, live chat and digital communication. Swash is a regular contributor and speaker on key topics, including digital transformation, workplace culture, leadership and international growth.



¿Por qué juzgamos a las personas exitosas? Así es como el éxito puede ser benéfico para todos

¿Por qué, desde una perspectiva externa, sentimos la necesidad de encontrar defectos en el éxito de los demás? ¿Es envidia? ¿O es simplemente un hecho de la vida? Si alguien gana, no necesariamente significa que tú pierdas.


Why Are Successful People Always Judged? Here's How Success Can Be a Win-Win for Everyone

Why, from the outside looking in, do we feel the need to pick holes in other people's success? Is it jealousy? Or a simple fact of life? If someone wins, you do not necessarily lose.

Business Culture

Who Comes First, the Customer or the Employee?

Did the chicken or the egg come first? It is an age-old debate. But as an entrepreneur, should you value your employees or customers first?

Growing a Business

Think This Way If You Want to Set Your Business Up for Success

Authentic, compassionate, transparent leaders with an added dash of curiosity are the future.


Curiosity Didn't Kill the Cat! How Curious Leaders Keep Your Business Agile.

We have been taught that being overly inquisitive will lead us into dangerous situations. Not so.


¡La curiosidad no mató al gato! Cómo los líderes curiosos mantienen ágil su negocio.

Se nos ha enseñado que ser demasiado inquisitivos nos llevará a situaciones peligrosas. No tan.

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