Melissa Packham

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer
Brand & Marketing Strategist

Melissa Packham founded A Brand Is Not A Logo to help entrepreneurs find clarity in strategy and unlock competitive advantage. With over 15 years of experience managing household-name brands, she envisions a world where brands are a force for good.



Is Launching a New Brand the Right Move for Your Company?

Not all new ideas need a new brand. How to think strategically about introducing innovation into a brand portfolio to best further objectives and vision.


¿El lanzamiento de una nueva marca es el movimiento adecuado para su empresa?

No todas las nuevas ideas necesitan una nueva marca. Cómo pensar estratégicamente acerca de la introducción de la innovación en una cartera de marcas para mejorar los objetivos y la visión.


4 Signs You Need To Realign With Your Brand Values

How to identify if your brand values are still guiding your business and how to recalibrate if they're not.

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