Sergio Alvarez

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
CEO and Founder of Ai Media Group/ Atrilyx

Sergio Alvarez is a performance-marketing expert, digital-attribution leader and CEO and founder of Ai Media Group.



How Attribution Can Help Healthcare Organizations Take Their Marketing to New Levels

By properly tracking all patient touch points in the marketing journey, healthcare providers will have a more holistic view and be able to adapt their marketing plan to their customer's needs.


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Science & Technology

Here's How AI Is Going to Reshape the Hospitality Industry

It can help boost revenue, predict customer needs and provide around-the-clock service.


Así es como la IA va a remodelar la industria hotelera

Puede ayudar a aumentar los ingresos, predecir las necesidades de los clientes y brindar un servicio las 24 horas.


Educators, Here's How to Find Your Ideal Student with AI

How an artificial intelligence-fueled marketing strategy can match universities and students to give both the best chance of success.

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